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PrimePutt Putting Mat Review

PrimePutt Putting Mat Review: Realistic Feel at Home

Do you want to make more putts and shoot lower scores? Then you need a PrimePutt putting mat to work on your short game at home.

PrimePutt putting mats have made a splash in the golf world with their realistic turf like design. They’re endorsed by PGA players, coaches, and tons of amateur golfers.

Let’s see what makes this putting mat truly unique in a crowded market of indoor putting greens

PrimePutt Putting Mat 

Key Takeaways 

  • An indoor putting green can help you with confidence on short range putts.
  • But some putting mats are nothing more than green carpet that don’t mimic real grass.
  • PrimePutt is a premier putting mat that is one of the best choices to practice putting at home thanks to their real turf like design.
  • Plus, they have multiple sizes, realistic cups, and fold up for easy storage. 

Tour Grade Turf 

Arguably the most important part of an at home putting mat is the turf itself. If you’ve ever putted on one, you know that each mat or at home putting green isn’t created equal.

Some brands use foam, others use a form of turf, some are more like carpet, and others use Nylon Turf (like this one). The turf is crucial to making the most of your putting practice as some are more like carpet than a real putting green. But this design is one of the best options out there and will help make each session feel like you’re on the golf course.  

PrimePutt Putting Mat Review

According to PrimePutt, “Our putting mat uses half-inch tour grade nylon turf to best replicate an authentic outdoor putting green. Our no-memory material also ensures that the amy lays flat even after being rolled up and stored for long periods.” 

These putting mats also come with a backstop too. This hardwood backstop makes it easier to keep long putts from bouncing back and makes it easy to store extra golf balls during practice too. 

Additionally, you can use this putting mat on any surface, it’s best to use it on a hard surface like hardwood or flooring. This will give it the most realistic feel possible. If you only have carpet, they also offer a custom standing pad to help minimize mat movement too.

Multiple Sizing Options

Most practice putting mats have one or two sizes but the PrimePutt has four options. You can choose from:

  • Compact: 1.5 x 9 feet
  • Standard: 3 x 9 feet
  • XL: 3 x 12 feet
  • XXL: 3 x 15 feet

The compact design is great for apartments or adding a putting green to your office (please note this option only has one hole while the rest have three cups). Additionally, these mats also have distance markers every three feet to dial in your speed from crucial short range distances. 

PrimePutt Review

Regardless of what size you buy there is no assembly required either. PrimePutt is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box. Roll it out, insert the cups, and start making putts. 

Game-Changing Cups 

Another reason we loved this putting mat is the cup design. 

With a lot of putting mats they don’t have any sort of cup making it hard to simulate a real practice session. Others are elevated which isn’t great as the putting surface is raised – which isn’t realistic to the golf course.

But with the PrimePutt mat you can sink up to four putts in a row with their cup design. As they said on their website, “This means you can take more putts in a row without stopping to retrieve the ball from the cup. In addition to adding convenience and reducing setup time, our painstakingly-developed cup design perfectly recreates the experience of a full-depth cup.”

These are the same cups that you’ll find on a golf course making it a more realistic putting session than ever. The proprietary ramp helps move your balls to leave the front open and keep practicing without interruption. 

PrimePutt Putting Mat Cups

The PrimePutt mats have everything you need to start practicing your putting at home. But if you want even more effective practice sessions check out some of our favorite training aids below.

Pro Path Putting Mirror 

To practice with purpose at home check out the Pro Path Putting Mirror. This is way better than a normal putting mirror that only focuses on eye alignment. While that’s important to having the proper setup, this mirror does even more.

The Pro Path putting mirror is bigger than an average putting mirror so you can check your shoulder alignment too. This will ensure that your body lines are square to your start line and more likely to hit a solid putt. It also has a built-in putting arc to visually guide your stroke.

It’s one of the best putting training aids out there and incredibly well-designed. Click here to read our full review. 

Devil Ball 

If you want to make putting “devilishly” hard, the Devil Ball from PuttOut is a great choice. It’s a unique design that is the same as a golf ball but it’s not circular. Instead, it has flat edges which require a perfect stroke to get it rolling properly.

For example, if you hit it with an open face the ball will instantly shoot right. This makes short putts twice as hard but will help you focus and dial in your stroke in practice. Plus, there are different levels of difficulty making it a great choice for all types of players.

Click here to read our full review of the Devil Ball training aid. 

Pelz Putting Tutor

Dave Pelz and Phil Mickelson created this unique training aid which is great for at home or outdoor putting practice. The Pelz Putting Tutor provides instant feedback if you push/pull the putt and will help get your ball started on the proper line. Like the Devil Ball, it also has different settings to help all types of players. 

FAQs About Putting Mats 

Do you have more questions about putting mats? Keep scrolling through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

What are the best drills to use for indoor putting?

Since most mats are less than 10-feet long it’s important to dial in your short putts. Check out our guide to best putting drills here

Does PrimePutt offer a guarantee?

Yes, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Send it back within 30-days to get your money back – no questions asked! 

Can you use these greens on carpet?

Yes, but it’s recommended to purchase the 1 x 2 standing pad which you’ll place next to the mat. Works for right or left-handed golfers and ensures you get in the right setup at address position.

Prime Putt Review

My Experience

I’ve tried out all sorts of putting mats and this one stands out as one of the best for a few reasons. First, it has a realistic roll that most other putting greens simply don’t offer. The majority feel like you’re putting on glorified green carpet vs. an actual green.

The second reason is that it’s easy to store and lays flat every single time. No humps or poor feedback to get in your way during practice. Plus it’s easy to set up and store. Just roll it up with the turf facing out (I put mine back in the original shipping box) and then pull it out when you are ready to use again.  

Finally, its speed is just right at about a 10 on the stimpmeter. Some putting mats (like the BirdieBall) are almost too fast and not realistic to most public golf courses. With its solid price, it’s one of the best options in golf.  After using mine to warm up at home, I go out to my home course and I find that the speed translates perfectly to my course.

Final Thoughts 

If you need a great indoor putting mat, this one from PrimePutt is a great option. While it’s not the cheapest option by any means, its realistic feel makes it worth the price. 

Here’s a quick recap of the biggest benefits:

  • Easy to store. 
  • Multiple sizing options. 
  • Distance markers every three feet.
  • Proprietary cup designs replicate full-depth holes. 
  • Real green speed (between 9-11 on the Stimpmeter). 

Click here to find the right size and buy one today. 

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