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Caddy Daddy First Class Travel Golf Bag Review

Caddy Daddy First Class Travel Bag: Protection for the Long Haul

Are you looking for a high-quality travel bag to protect your golf clubs?

If so, you’ll love this Caddy Daddy First Class travel bag review. We’ve talked about traveling with golf clubs a lot at the Left Rough because we know the stress it can bring.

There’s nothing worse than thinking of your golf clubs showing up to a bucket list destination damaged. Because let’s get real, the airline attendants don’t necessarily have the same love of the game as we might (some viral videos show that as well). 

Today, I’ll recap the Caddy Daddy lineup and details of their First Class bag to see if it’s the right one for you. Plus, answer your top questions and more tips for traveling with your golf clubs. 

Caddy Daddy First Class Review 

Key Takeaways

  • Caddy Daddy is a top name in the golf travel case world and has been in business since 2002.
  • They sell a variety of types of travel bags for all types of budgets – ranging from $80 to $199. 
  • Most Caddy Daddy bags are soft shell cases, which makes it easier to travel with and avoid overweight baggage fees. They made our list of the best travel bags for ultimate protection of your equipment in previous years. 
  • You should also consider a club protector (like the Caddy Daddy North Pole Club Protector) if you buy a case that doesn’t have a hard shell on the top to protect your clubs.

Keep reading to learn why this is one of the best travel bags in golf. 


The CaddyDaddy First Class is their premium model and the most expensive (but still a great deal) in their lineup. Let’s start with the specifications of this golf travel bag:

  • 10 pounds.
  • Blue or black colors. 
  • YKK #10 lockable zippers. 
  • Dimensions = 51 x 13 x 15. 
  • 1000D Ballistic Nylon fabric.
  • Two internal with external zipper pockets. 
  • Molded EVA with two layer foam padding. 
  • Fit stand, cart, and hybrid golf bags with ease. 
Caddy Daddy First Class Travel Golf Bag Review

Incredible Material and Golf Club Protection 

I’ve been using CaddyDaddy for more than a decade with a version of their Constrictor, which I think is one of the best bags ever. But as soon as I opened the box for the First Class model, I was instantly impressed with the updated design.

The first thing that stuck out to me was the top protector, which offers incredible padding and protection for the heads of your clubs. As they noted on their website, “The First Class has a thick double layered padded top with custom EVA molded sides to protect club heads, monster sized off road in-line skate wheels and quad rivets on all stress points.” 

It’s really the best of both worlds as it’s a soft shell case which saves a ton of weight and only weighs 10 pounds. But the upper part of the bag has the protection of a hard shell case. 

Plus, the 1000D military grade ballistic nylon is very thick and sure to withstand nearly anything that might happen in travel. The First class bag also has heavy-duty wheels that will make transporting your clubs through the airport incredibly easy. 

Extra Pockets + Easy to Store

Aside from the impressive material, the First Class Bag also has two pockets on the outside of the bag. But unlike the Constrictor model, these are internal pockets with external access. This is a big perk as you can get extra storage but lock them if needed. 

Not to mention, it’s easy to access them if you need to add or remove anything to stay under the weight limit. I typically put extra golf balls and shoes in these pockets to save space in the main storage area. 

Plus, it folds up to save space when not in use. As you can see in the image below, this bag folds up and can be stored in your garage or closet without taking up hardly any space – unlike a soft shell case.  

Caddy Daddy First Class Travel Golf Bag Review

Great Price

Let’s face it, golf clubs are expensive. And traveling with clubs isn’t cheap either when you factor in checked bag fees, tee times, and more to play a round of golf on vacation.

Luckily, you won’t break the bank with CaddyDaddy travel bags. They’re priced incredibly well from $100 to $200 depending on the model. Which is a bargain as some brands charge $300, $400, or more! 


Caddy Daddy has a great warranty for all their bags as well. Travel bags, coolers, and accessories all come with a one-year warranty. 

As mentioned on their website, “During the 1-year warranty period CaddyDaddy will repair or replace products with manufacturing defects. Travel bags are covered by straight forward 1 year replacement guarantee. In the rare occurrence that a CaddyDaddy travel bag is damaged (within the first year of original ownership) we will send a brand new replacement bag at no cost to the customer.”

While the First Class bag actually has a 2-year full replacement warranty. 

Caddy Daddy First Class Travel Golf Bag Review

Other Bags and Accessories

CaddyDaddy doesn’t just make one golf travel bag either, they have a huge selection of others. Not to mention some great carry-on bags, gloves, and other accessories. 

Here are some of our favorites you might consider as well.

CaddyDaddy Phoenix Golf Bag

If you have a Staff bag or oversized cart bag, you might want to consider the Phoenix instead. It’s got a ton of the same benefits as the First Class bag but room for a larger bag. 

Not to mention, even more storage. As they described on their website, “The Phoenix offers lockable external side pockets with plenty of room for your extra gear. The horseshoe opening allows for easy access to load and unload your golf bag with a lockable zipper to keep your clubs safe.” 

Carry-On Wheeled Duffel

If you want a matching duffel bag, they also have the First Class carry on. This bag is a great, lightweight option to help you pack for your next golf grip. It has oversized wheels and a top loading ventilated shoe pocket to keep packing simple. 

This bag also has luggage coupling straps for and pairs perfectly with the First Class travel bag. It also comes with a two-year warranty as well and offered in blue or black. 

Golf Coolers

If you want to bring your own beverages to the course, CaddyDaddy can help with that as well. Their coolers let you hold 6 or 9 cans and keep them cold with a thick cooler lining (not to mention the ice pack that is included).

If you’re bringing your own wine to the course, they also have a wine cooler in the shape of a golf bag too. 

Caddy Daddy First Class Travel Golf Bag Review


Do you have more questions about traveling with clubs and the Caddy Daddy? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

Does CaddyDaddy have hard cases?

No, they only make soft shell cases. However, several of the models have an ultra-padded top portion of the bag, which provides a ton of protection for your equipment. 

Can you get custom embroidery?

Yes, CaddyDaddy does offer this service as well as silk-screening if you buy directly from their website. You need to hit a minimum order quantity but make sure to email to learn more. 

What’s the best way to travel with golf clubs?

Traveling with clubs is a bit of a nightmare, especially if you have connecting flights. Here are a few tips to help your clubs make it to your destination damage free.

  • Try to book direct flights if possible.
  • Always keep your checked bags receipt. 
  • Carry an Apple AirTag in your bag in case they get lost. 
  • Remove your driver and fairway wood heads so they don’t snap off. 
  • Pack your golf balls, as TSA might not let them in your carry on (I know from experience).

Also, make sure to read our full guide about flying with clubs. Plus, don’t forget anything on your trip by reading our golf trip packing list too. 

My Experience 

I couldn’t have better things to say about my experiences with Caddy Daddy. I’ve had one of their older bags for more than a decade and it’s been as dependable as it gets. Despite being a soft shell case, I never had any issues with tons of trips in the United States and out of the country as well.

The material is very sturdy, as are the zippers, and the inside has tons of room for other clothes or accessories. The outside pockets are also a highlight in my opinion, as you can store your golf shoes and other gear in it as well. 

Final Thoughts 

My original Caddy Daddy lasted more than a decade, so I have high hopes for this bag as well. The First Class is a great choice for a ton of reasons:

  • Two extra pockets.
  • Heavy duty lockable zippers. 
  • Works with stand, hybrid, and cart bags. 
  • Lightweight design will help keep your clubs under airline weight limits. 
  • High-quality material can handle the wear and tear of travel with ease. 

Buy your CaddyDaddy First Class travel bag now.

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