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Down Under Board 2.0 Review

Down Under Board 2.0 Review: Improve your Lower Body Movement

Do you struggle with proper weight shift, swaying and/or rotating your upper body more than your lower body in golf?

If you suffer from one or more of these issues, there’s a training aid that can help you quickly. The Down Under Board 2.0 by Bradley Hughes is an easy to use but effective device that can help you change big parts of your swing quickly.

One of the biggest mistakes that most golfers make is not using their lower body enough. This leads to too much upper body, losing distance, and all kinds of ball flight issues. Yet, if you watch the best players in the world on TV, you will notice they use ground force to maximize distance and improve ball striking.

Meanwhile, most everyday golfers rotate their upper body too much and neglect their legs entirely. This results in a steep, over the top downswing that results in a weak slice that so many golfers know all too well.

But with a few changes in your weight shift and setup, you can completely revamp your swing. Keep reading to learn how the Down Under Board 2.0 can help retrain your lower body and hit it longer than you thought possible.

Down Under Board 2.0 Review

First off, what is this training aid?

The DUB (Down Under Board) is two pieces of fiberglass connected with two nuts and rests between your feet. The goal is to use the board to promote a better weight transfer and improve your swing from the ground up.

Additional benefits of this training aid include:

  • Fixes early extension
  • Keeping you down and in the shot
  • Helps relax your upper body for a more complete shoulder turn

And as you will see, even more benefits.

Down Under Board Review

What I love about the Down Under 2.0 board is that it’s simple above all else. It doesn’t try to do a bunch of things and instead, focuses on one part of the swing – lower body movement.

According to the company, it’s used by more than 100 Tour professionals and was named the best swing trainer in 2020. The new 2.0 is a big upgrade from the original Dow Under Board design.

Here’s what makes this such a useful training aid.

Use it at Home or on the Driving Range

While more and more golfers are practicing at home, this training aid works at home with ease. Simply swing a club or without one to feel the proper weight shift in your swing. Plus, it works whether you hit golf balls with it or use it to make practice swings.

DownUnder Board 2.0 Tour Edition by Bradley Hughes - Patented Golf Swing Training Aid - PGA Tour Golf Accessories - Improve Golf Swing


Another perk of this training aid is that you can use it with any club in the bag. Whether you want to improve your wedges, irons, woods, or driver, it will train your swing. The only thing you need to do is adjust the board so that it’s positioned correctly in between your feet.

Easy to Use

There’s nothing worse than a complicated, hard to use training aid. Anytime I see an online ad or infomercial for a complex training aid, I know that a large amount of people who buy it won’t actually use it due to the complexity.

After playing the game for 20+ years and experimenting with all kinds of devices, I can say that the easier they are to use, the better.

How to use the Down Under Board 2.0

Instructions for Down Under Board

So, how do you use the Down Under Board?

Follow their six-step instruction process to get started quickly.

  1. Apply downward and inward pressure at setup. Ideally, you should be a 6 or 7 in terms of pressure on your lead foot at address position.
  2. Take the club back to start your swing and feel your weight load up on the trail leg.
  3. Keep turning your shoulders until you’re at the top of your swing.
  4. As you start your downswing you should feel 80 or 90% of your weight on your lead foot. This will ensure you move your weight toward the target and eliminate early extension.
  5. Squeeze the board with your trail foot to push off the ground and maximize your power. Remember, this is how you generate more speed and distance as you push up and off the ground.
  6. Finish your swing in a perfectly balanced position.

Works With Other Training Aids

Another huge perk with this training aid is that you can use it with other gadgets and swing tools. For example, you can use it with a Lag Shot 7-iron or the Tour Striker Planemate to help shallow your swing and keep your lower body stable.

Video Training Included

While the board is pretty easy to use, there are more videos from the creator on best practices. Once you get this device, take it out, watch the videos, and start upgrading your swing immediately.

Best Drills

To make the most of this training aid, use these drills to start updating your swing for more consistency on the golf course.

Full Swing

Michael Breed of the Golf Channel loves this training aid! In this YouTube video, he says it’s great for creating a simple, repeatable motion and getting the “Snead-squat” in your swing. Use it 15 times in a row with short irons before the round to create an epic warm-up routine.

DownUnder Board 2.0 Tour Edition by Bradley Hughes - Patented Golf Swing Training Aid - PGA Tour Golf Accessories - Improve Golf Swing

At Home

If you don’t want to transport the device to the range, use it at home for 50-75 swings every other day while swinging a golf club. This will train your lower body muscles to grip the board and make it easier to take this new motion to the golf course.

As the creator, Bradley Hughes said, “The pelvis and abductor muscles want to lift and straighten the body, but in golf that can be problematic and is the number one cause of early extension issues in the golf swing. This up and out of the ground action changes the path of the club and slows down the speed of the motion, asking the golfer to use the hands to throw downwards at the ball.”

But the DUB trains your body to resist these tendencies and have more balance, power, and control. If you’re like me, you’ll feel muscles in your legs you’ve never used before and might have some soreness the next day too.


Don’t forget, this device also helps with putting by getting you in a neutral position at setup. Set the board up so it’s aligned to your target and see how many four footers you can make in a row.

Down Under Board Adjustability


Do you have more questions about the Down Under Board and still not sure if it’s right for you? If so, we have answers to make sure it’s the right training aid to take your game to the next level.

Is the Down Under board worth it?

Yes, if you struggle with lower body movement and getting the proper weight shift, this tool can help you out.

But remember, this training aid (or any training aid for that matter) is only “worth it” if you use it consistently. So many players buy all kinds of golf gadgets, but never use them and wonder why their game isn’t improving.

While the answer is yes, it’s worth it, just make sure you schedule time regularly to get the most out of this device.

What’s the difference between the 1.0 and 2.0 board?

The 2.0 board is an upgraded version of the 1.0 as you only need one size, regardless of which club you’re hitting. The 1.0 board came in three sizes (white, black, and blue) and only worked with that type of stance. But the 2.0 works with any club and stance length plus it collapses for easy storage.

Down Under Board 2.0

What does the DownUnder board do?

The Down Under 2.0 Board promotes better footwork and teaches you how to shift your weight in your swing. It teaches you how to use the ground to create more power and efficiency in your golf swing.

How long is the Down Under Board?

The Down Under Board 2.0 can be adjusted in length quite easily. It ranges from 14 to 18 inches long and is 10.5 inches wide. Since it can be adjusted so easily, you can use it with any club in the bag.

It’s relatively small compared to a lot of other training aids and easy to take with you to the course.

DownUnder Board 2.0 Tour Edition by Bradley Hughes - Patented Golf Swing Training Aid - PGA Tour Golf Accessories - Improve Golf Swing

Final Thoughts on the Down Under Board 2.0

While there are a lot of training aids in the golf world, this one delivers on its promise. If you struggle with weight shift and setup issues with your stance, it will help instantly improve your swing. It will literally change your game from the ground up to make you a more complete golfer.

Don’t forget, power comes from the ground up. You need to use your lower body to create maximum distance and eliminate that pesky pull slice shot that so many golfers suffer from.

As a result, you will not only hit the ball better which will increase your accuracy, but likely your distance too.

Use it regularly, at home or the driving range, to get the best results.

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