TaylorMade P790 Review

Review of TaylorMade P790 Irons

You've found the real deal.  

In golf, every company that manufactures irons chases the same goals: 

They aim to make clubs that send shots higher, farther with precision.   

And if that wasn't hard enough...  

Manufacturers also have to package the product in a design that's aesthetically appealing to low handicap golfers and one that still produces the utmost forgiveness for players who find the center of the clubface less frequently.  

In our Taylormade P790 Irons review, we found that TaylorMade may have accomplished all of these goals.  

These forged irons combine soft feel and superior distance in a sleek, attractive model that's easy to admire and swing.  

"As you push the COR limit with a standard cavity back iron there are big hurdles to overcome," TaylorMade's senior director of product creation Tomo Bystedt said.  

He added, "It’s very difficult to preserve the feel you want while also providing maximum distance. We needed to rethink the construction of the product to achieve our goals."  

Review of the TaylorMade P790 Irons

TaylorMade P790 Irons Review


The P790 irons are hot. In part, because of the stronger lofts. But essentially the result of the innovative technology is a golf club that's going to enable golfers to reach for a 7-iron when they have needed a 6-iron in the past.


This may not be the number one selling point of the P790 iron, yet there's no doubt the forged iron and sleek design enables a golfer to feel confident hitting low draws and high fades.

The thin, sharp sole makes it easy to cut through the rough - because let's face it, we're all going to end up in the long grass from time-to-time.  The ability to escape with precision is one of the keys to shooting lower scores.


Listen if we all hit every shot in the center of the clubface, we wouldn't be reading this review right now, we'd be jetting off to Palm Springs, Pebble Beach or some other exotic locale in preparation of the next PGA Tour stop.

The P790 iron gives the average weekend golfer a chance to have a smaller dispersion rate on all swings. 

Those one-groove low thin strikes will end up much closer to the pin than they might with other irons and give us all a chance to get into the pocket of our buddies a little more frequently.


  • angle-double-right
    Extreme forgiveness for a player's iron is one of the hallmarks of the P790. They are very forgiving on strikes low on the club, which is where most mis-hit iron shots occur.
  • angle-double-right
    Distance is part of the package with the P790. One of the thinnest faces in the history of irons (1.75 mm) creates tremendous ball speed when coupled with irons that are two degrees stronger through the bag than previous TaylorMade sets.
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    Appearance is wonderful. The thin top line creates a sleek look that appeals to even the best golfers.


  • angle-double-right
    Because of the maximum ball speed and reduced spin, some golfers may not like the speed at which their ball lands on the green, as it may not stop as quickly as they prefer.

The P790 Irons have few key features that really make it stand out from the rest of the irons on the market:


Speed Foam Technology

The main element that separates the P790 Irons from other models is the Speed Foam technology.

Injected into the toe of the club, it lessens vibration in off-center hits and delivers a feel that is soft and responsive.

In other words, bad shots don't feel as bad. 

Because the clubface is so thin, it was imperative to use a material that would provide the necessary support without adding weight to the clubhead.

In turn, this leads to faster clubhead speeds. 

The clubface flexes to produce the spring like effect manufacturers have been employing in drivers in recent years.

TaylorMade P790 Irons Face
TaylorMade P790 Iron Sole


Progressive Center of Gravity

The progressive center of gravity in the P790 irons from TaylorMade is lower in the long irons and higher in the short irons.

This technology, combined with the swing slot in the sole of the club, enables golfers to generate more distance and a higher ball flight in the long irons without sacrificing control in the short irons.

It's the perfect formula for hitting more greens from any point in the fairway or rough.


Minimal Offset

Because there is minimal offset in the P790s, good players will feel comfortable looking down at this club and should not feel as if they have to make any compensations in their golf swing to produce the desired shot shape and ball flight.


High Quality Shaft

Another element that enables golfers to swing the P790 faster than other irons is the stock shaft, which is the new Dynamic Gold 105 gram shaft. 

This shaft is 25 grams lighter than the stock Dynamic Gold, which has been the most popular shaft in golf for decades. Lighter shafts create faster clubhead and ball speeds.

How do the P790 compare to other TaylorMade player's Irons?

Taylormade has several different models of irons on the shelves right now.  

Each is designed for a little different type of player.  

The "P" series is generally for better players.  The "M" series, is for intermediate to higher handicaps.  While the CGB is a super game improvement iron.

Most often, the player who can benefit from the P790 might be the same player who would play TaylorMade M3 Iron.  As a general rule of thumb, I normally see P790 players are a slightly better ball striker compared to the M3 players.

Our full review of the M3 Iron can help and the chart below helps you to figure out where you fall in this lineup.  

2018 TaylorMade Iron Comparison Table





Skill Level




That's not why you buy these irons

Excellent, any shot is possible with these irons

Better have your Tour Card



Not much, but more than the P730s

Workable, but not as much as the P730s

Excellent ball strikers


Very Good

Good bit of forgiveness in these irons for a player's blade

Still Workable, Great Distance Control

Single Digit Handicaps

Very Hot

Most Forgiveness in the Player's Lineup of Irons, Produces High Launch

Slightly Workable, Very good distance control

5 - 15 Handicap, but better for the lower to middle of that range

Very Hot

Very Forgiving

Barely Workable, but decent distance control

10 - 20 Handicap Range, but better at the middle of the range


Maximum Forgiveness with very High Launch

No workability, Distance Control is Lacking.

15 - 20 Handicap

This is basically a full set of Drivers

This is the maximum forgiveness you will find

Not going to happen.  But your not buying these clubs to hit fades and draws.

Beginners & High Handicaps

The P790 is the fourth TaylorMade iron in the P series, following the 730, 750 and 770. On the surface, there isn't much difference between the last three sets.  

All feature the design that better players are seeking. 

However, the upgraded technology and stronger lofts in essence makes the P790s a high performance version of the other models.

If higher, longer iron shots are possible with the P790s they are worth the effort and expense.

TaylorMade P790 Irons Toe

Much of the technology of the P790 is similar to the PXG irons, Mizuno MP 18 MMC, or Titleist 718 T-MB irons which have targeted low-handicap golfers looking for an upscale product. The overall feel and playability of the clubs are comparable.

We feel that the P790 irons are the best golf clubs on the market for intermediate golfers looking for a "Game Enhancement" iron who put a larger premium on distance than workability.  If you are in this class of irons and prefer workability over raw distance, we recommend the Titleist 718 T-MB or Mizuno MP18 MMC.

But for all of you aspiring ball strikers, heed my warning:

The P790 may not be the ideal fit for the mid-to-high handicap golfer who rarely finds the center of the clubface and is pursuing game improvement and less concerned with aesthetics.

If you are a high handicap or beginning golfer, I urge you to read our guide on selecting the best irons for beginners and high handicaps.  I also suggest you check our full review of the M-CGB Irons.  

The Bottom Line

The P790 is a perfect club for the intermediate golfer who wants to improve the consistency of their ball striking so they can make a push into the single digits.  

With the P790 irons, you can set your iron play on autopilot and begin concentrating on getting your driver in play or making some of those birdie putts that you're about to have.

14 thoughts on “Review of TaylorMade P790 Irons”

    1. Cole,

      Thank you so much for the question. I’ve been playing the P790s for the last couple of months and they are a great set of irons. I am hitting my irons the best I have in a while, and I give all the credit to the P790s. My only complaint, and it is not a huge problem, is that the mid-irons have a little more roll out on the greens than I prefer. For that exact reason, I play either a TP5 or a ProV1. The TP5 will normally spin more than the TP5X.

      But in golf, everything is about trade-offs. If you struggle with too much spin off your driver, the TP5X works wonders to reduce spin and you’ll notice a pick up in distance.

      If you are like me and high spin off the driver is not an issue for you, my advice would be to play the TP5.

      If you are a high spin player, I would recommend you go with the TP5x. The added distance off the tee would have you hitting a shorter iron into the green. That shorter iron should launch higher and land softer, minimizing any roll-out issues.

      Enjoy those P790s if you decide to get them!

  1. I’m playing Apex CF16 now, love these but I’m so eager to give the P790 a try, how would you compare these two regarding feel, forgiveness, distance and stoping power?

    1. No comparison. The CF16s were good clubs 2 years ago, but when the P790s came out last fall they changed the game. It’s really incredible how long, high launch and forgiving these irons are and still retain feel.

      One of the perks of being involved with this website is getting to test new clubs. I tested the P790s in order to write this article and they’ve yet to leave my bag.

    2. I too played the CF16 Apex but have jumped the wagon on these P790’s. I must say the feel is sensational and the forgiveness is marginal. My dispersion has narrowed tremendously with the P790….I am not use to the stronger lofts because I’m hitting my 7 iron the same distance I was hitting my 5 iron (with CF16’s), but that is a great problem for a player like me that was lacking distance and control.
      I will mention my graphite shaft on CF 16 was the UST recoil F4 110, but after my fitting with the P790, the Dynamic Gold stock shaft is the best shaft for that club…..so don’t explore too many options with other shafts unless you really give the stock DG shaft the proper testing.
      I enjoyed my CF16 to the fullest, but they were not enhancing my game and the shaft was getting to heavy for me that I was having problem hinging my wrist and staying on plane after the 12 hole or so.
      I can assure you that the P790 irons was a great decision I made after testing other clubs like Titleist AP3, I500 ping, and new CF19 irons……trust me…I tested all these and the P790 irons simply gave me total satisfaction and the numbers I needed in terms of distance, feel, trajectory, ball speed and dispersion. I also went upright by 2 degrees since I faded too much…..
      Good luck….I really hope I said all you need to know to go try out these P790.
      I did not mention that these clubs are absolutely gorgeous !!!!
      I never thought I would ever go to Taylormade, but these irons sold me.

  2. Have a set of p790,s made to my spec,s with nspro 95grm shafts l am a senior player but started playing at 14yrs my handicap is 18 ,these are by far the best clubs i have played taylormade certainly hit a home run with this iron they would suit a broard range of handicap players.😉😉😉

    1. Thanks for the comment Brian! I am so glad you are enjoying the P790s. I really enjoy my set too! In my opinion, the P790s rank high on the list as one of the best irons you can buy right now.

      Keep making those birdie putts the P790s leave you with!

  3. Hi, the M3 vs. P790 – These clubs seem very very similar – are the M3’s more forgiving? Or what is it that separates one from the other?

    I’m a 15 handicap and more of my struggles are around the green and putting. Looking at both the P790 and M3, I’ve hit both and honestly don’t really feel too much of a difference.

    1. The M3’s are in Taylormade’s class of irons for average players. While the P790s are the most forgiving of TaylorMade’s players clubs. TaylorMade makes the M3 and M4 for most golfers and the P series is made for better players.

      You will probably find that the M3s have a touch more forgiveness and the P790s have just a little more feel. If your handicap being a 15 is due more to short game issues and not ball striking, you could certainly play the P790s.

      I played against a 13 handicap in a member-guest a few weeks ago that was hitting guided laser shots with the P790s. He had so many kick-in birdies it made me question whether or not he was a 13 handicap!

      1. Thanks – would you say the P790 are worth the extra 300$ given how they don’t seem differ in a significant way?

        1. That’s a tough one to answer because everyone’s value of money and golf is a little different. I’ll answer this as if I’m making the decision:

          I prefer a little more feel so I lean towards the P790s. Golf is my number 1 interest outside of the normal stuff (family, etc.), so $300 is not that much more for me to spend on something that I enjoy this much. On top of that, I get new irons about every 3-4 years. If I spread that cost over 3-4 years it’s even more affordable.

          Hope this helps!

      2. Charlie you are hilarious on the note about “so many kick-in birdies” . hahaha…..I laugh because I too am a 13 handicap and now that started playing with random guys, they too wonder why I’m a mid handicapper when throwing freakin darts at the pin…hahaha….I love reading messages like yours.
        Go P790 !!!

  4. My M2 irons are coming up to 4 years old . I find them excellent , but I think technology has moved on very quickly since I purchased the M2 . I’m a 14 handicapper and would like to get the benefit of technology . Well in short would the P790 give me that benefit and forgiveness Taylormade seem to consider in all of their irons .

    1. Dan,

      Thank you for the question. The M2 are good irons, but generally speaking, iron technology is moving so fast that it makes most models obsolete within 3 – 5 years. So you are certainly within the time frame of getting a new set.

      The P790 are great irons, so much that I picked them as the Best Distance Irons for Intermediate Golfers. The P790s will definitely give you all the technology you could want. But as far as forgiveness, your handicap is right at the high-end of players I would recommend this club to. However, if your handicap is trending lower (and you are a stronger ball-striker), then this club will have enough forgiveness for you. My overall favorite clubs in this class of iron is the Titleist T-MB. But they are pretty expensive irons and for many players in this range why they ultimately end up selecting the P790s. If you want more information, read over my article on the best game enhancement irons.

      Good luck in your decision making process. Let me know if I can help any more.

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