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Good Looks & Performance: Titleist TSi Driver Review

Titleist rolled out the red carpet in 2021 for the launch of their latest driver series – TSi. The new Titleist TSi driver family is a massive upgrade from the TS series, which were successful, but these are better than ever for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the selection of drivers themselves. In previous years, Titleist only offered two (and sometimes three) different driver heads.

Luckily, in 2021 they realized the need for extra customization and created four different drivers for all types of players. No more having to choose one or the other.

Now, you get four different models with all types of speed and launch characteristics to match your game.  Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the latest drivers from Titleist. 

Titleist TSI Driver Review 

When reviewing the best drivers for 2021, I have to say these clubs from Titleist look unlike any club on the market. They are, hands down, the cleanest looking club and all four models look amazing from just about every angle possible. Here are some features that all four drivers share, before going into an in-depth breakdown of each model. 

New ATI 425 Face = More Ball Speed

Looks aside, they offer tons of new technology and are a huge upgrade from previous years.  First off is the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium that makes up the face. 

This unique alloy isn’t easy to work with, but Titleist has maximized it for maximum ball speed (regardless of where you hit it on the face). Your good shots will look even better, and your mishits will still have tons of distance and accuracy.

The golf club construction of the Titleist TSI series is all about ball speed for more total distance!

Titleist TSi Driver Review

Improve Aerodynamics & Stability 

Another big upgrade with the TSI driver series is the improved aerodynamics, which also helps naturally increase speed (which means more distance). They also have tons of forgiveness, thanks to its high MOI (moment of inertia). 

But the high MOI isn’t just on the toe or heel, either. 

Instead, the MOI is also dispersed high and low on the club to make every type of mishit just a little better. Each model also has a square look at address and should inspire confidence for any tee shot on the course. 

Huge Shaft Selection (Stock and Premium Options) 

One of the best parts about Titleist’s four driver options is that each shaft is catered to the specific club. Since each model is so different, they don’t just give you one option and hope it works for each driver. We’ll review each shaft and its launch characteristics/weighting below to give you a better idea of which one is ideal for your swing.

Adjustability Features 

All models come with an adjustable SureFit hosel but only the TSi3 has a sliding weight feature. The hosel can change the loft up to 1.5 degrees (up or down) and make it easier to hit a cut or draw off the tee. 

Additionally, all of these drivers offer an adjustable SureFit flat weight that sits directly behind the face of the driver. You can buy additional weights to change up the CG and adjust spin characteristics too. 

Now that you have an overview of the Titleist TSi drivers, let’s dive into the specifics of each model. 

Titleist TSI Drivers – TSi1 (Ultra-Lightweight Distance) 

The TSi1 driver is the first model in the family and geared for golfers with moderate swing speeds. This is the most ultra-lightweight version in the TSi family and is all about helping you max out distance! 

This driver has a deep, face-centered Center of Gravity to help you launch it higher and increase ball speed naturally. If you’re a mid to high handicap player, this is an exceptional club, but lower handicappers should avoid. Since the club is geared towards high launch, it doesn’t pair well with fast swings that generate their own power and too much backspin.

The TSi1 driver has three loft options; 9, 10, and 12 degrees with a standard lie of 59 degrees. It features high launch characteristics and mid-spin which is the highest of the TSi family. Finally, it is slightly longer than some of the other drivers at 45.75 inches.

Unlike other drivers in this family, the TSi1 only comes with one stock shaft and no premium upgrades. The stock shaft is the Aldila Ascent UL and offered in 35 or 40 grams. It has a high launch characteristic and is ideal for beginners, seniors, and high handicap players. 

Go here to read more about the best drivers for beginners or high handicaps.

Titleist TSI Drivers – TSi2 (Distance & Forgiveness) 

The Titleist TSi2 driver is more of a mid to high handicap driver and doesn’t focus as much on high launch as the TSi1. This model is for golfers who want high speed plus accuracy across the entire face of the club. If you’re improving in your golf journey, but still need some extra forgiveness, this is a great club for you.

The TSi2 is a 460CC clubhead that is offered in four lofts; 8, 9, 10, or 11 degrees. It’s slightly flatter than the TSi1 at 58.5 degrees standard lie angle and is also the same length. 

Overall, this is still a high launching driver, but has lower spin characteristics than the former. If you need help maintaining ball speed, this club can help!

What separates this club from the TSi1 the most is the extra shaft options; both premium and standard. The stock shaft options include:

  • Tensei AV Blue – 55 or 65 gram weight (mid-launch).
  • Tensei AV White – 65 or 75 gram weight (low launch). 
  • Kuro Kage Black DC – 50 or 55 gram weight (mid-high launch).
  • HZRDUS Smoke Black – 60 or 70 gram weight (low-mid launch).

Both the Kuro Kage and Tensei AV Blue are great shafts to help you maintain ball speeds with their lightweight design. Plus, you can also opt for a premium Golf Pride Z-grip as well. 

Titleist TSI Drivers – TSi3 Driver Review (Dynamic Distance) 

Next up is the Titleist TSi3 driver review. This club is very different from the first two on this list. 

So what makes it so unique? 

Visually, the bottom of the club looks different as it’s the only driver to offer a sliding perimeter weight feature. Thanks to the adjustable CG track design, you can adjust the Center of Gravity based on your own swing and ideal shot shape. 

For example, if you want to straighten out your slice, you can slide the weight on the toe. Or, if you’re battling a power draw that turns into a hook sometimes, you can move the weight to the heel. Or, keep the weight in the center of the club for maximum playability. 

Titleist refers to this model as a “Dynamic distance” driver that is great for mid to low handicap golfers. It combines a penetrating ball flight and a more consistent launch than the first two models.

Similar to the Titleist TSi2, it has four stock shafts and three premium options. The stock shafts are the same shaft choices as the TSi2, and the premium upgrades include:

  • Tour AD Di – 55 to 85 grams. The heavier the shaft, the lower the launch characteristics for each different shaft.
  • Tour AD IZ – Similar to the AD Di, this is available in 54 to 85 grams in weight but all are mid-launch shafts.
  • Tour AD XC – The final premium upgrade is the Tour AD XC shaft, which comes in 54 -83 grams. Like the AD DI shaft, the launch changes based on weight, as the extra weight equals lower launch. 

Titleist TSI Drivers – TSi4 (Low Spin) 

Rounding out the family of Titleist drivers is the TSi4, which is a spin reduction driver geared for max distance. If you want to minimize spin as much as possible, this is the driver for you! 

Thanks to its smaller, compact pear shape club, it neutralizes spin more than any of the other models. The Center of Gravity is the most forward and lowest on this club to minimize spin at impact. 

The TSi4 is a player’s club that mid to high handicappers should stay away from, as it’s not as forgiving. But if you’re a low handicap golfer who wants shot shaping and spin reduction, this is a great option. 

Thanks to the unique shape of this club, it’s able to reduce drag up to six percent compared to the prior model. This allows the club to move faster for maximum ball and clubhead speed at impact. 

It’s not quite 460CC like the other drivers (or most big name drivers for that matter) and comes in at 430CC. This model is available in 8, 9, and 10 degree loft options at 45.5 inches in length (slightly shorter than other models). 

Plus, you can choose from five stock shaft options and three premium shafts include:

  • Tensei AV White – 65 or 75 grams (low launch)
  • HZRDUS Smoke Yellow – 60 grams (low launch)
  • Tensei AV Blue Raw – 55 or 65 grams (mid-launch)  
  • Kuro Kage Black DC – 50 or 55 grams (mid-high launch)
  • HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX – 60 or 70 grams (low-mid launch) 

Additional Driver Options

If you aren’t sure these new drivers are for you, here are some of our best alternatives that were released in 2021.

Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers

The latest drivers from Callaway are another solid choice that also offer tons of different options for every type of golfer. These are the third generation of the AI designed clubs from Callaway and look almost as good as the newest ones from Titleist.

Here is a quick breakdown of the four options:

  • Epic Max Driver: This is the most forgiving driver offered from Callaway and geared toward higher handicap players.
  • Epic Speed Driver: The Speed driver is similar to the TSi3 driver and a great all around driver.
  • Epic Max LS Driver: The Max LS is similar to the TSi4 driver thanks to its smaller, pear shaped design. Great for low handicap golfers who want additional workability and low spin.
  • Epic Speed Triple Diamond Driver: The 4th and newest driver is known as the triple diamond. This is the lowest spin driver offered by Callaway and has a neutral flight bias for advanced players. 

Click here to read our full review of the Epic family of drivers. 

Cobra Radspeed 

The Cobra Radspeed drivers made the Golf Digest Hot List “Gold” in 2021 and another great alternative. They aren’t as aesthetically good to look at compared to the Titleist series in my opinion, but have plenty of great technology. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the three models:

  • King Radspeed Driver: This is their lowest spinning driver, thanks to its new Radial Weighting system. It also has adjustable front/back weights and hosel adjustability as well.
  • King Radspeed XB Driver: The XB (which stands for extreme back) offers more weight at the back of the club for maximum forgiveness. This is similar to the Titleist TSi2 driver.
  • King Radspeed XD Driver: The XD (which stands for extreme draw) has all the features of the XB, but also additional weighting on the toe. This should help straighten out that driver and eliminate that pesky slice.

Click here to learn more about them today.

TaylorMade Sim2   

Another great pick if you’re on the fence with the Titleist driver is the TaylorMade Sim2. It’s a nice upgrade from the Sim MAX from previous years.

Similar to other brands, they offer three distinct models that are made for different types of players. Here is a quick overview of the three models: 

  • SIM2: This is the most comparable model to the TSi3 or TSi4 driver. It’s the club used by top pros like Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and other top players. The normal SIM2 model is forgiving, but made for players who want additional shot making capabilities.
  • SIM2 Max: The Max version of the SIM2 is most comparable with the TSi2. It’s more forgiving, easier to launch, and has more spin too.
  • SIM2 Max D: The third option from TaylorMade is the Max D version, which has a slightly larger face and higher launch. It’s the most forgiving version and also has a built-in draw bias to help straighten out that slice. 

Click here to check out our hands on review of the SIM2 Drivers.

Titleist TSi Driver Review

FAQ About Titleist TSi Drivers

Do you have more questions about the new TSi drivers? If so, we got answers to help find the best driver for you!

Which Titleist TSI driver is the most forgiving?

The TSi1 and TSi2 drivers are the most forgiving of the four models. While the Titleist TSi3 driver is forgiving, it’s still geared toward golfers who make consistent contact and don’t need as much “help” from the club.

Which is the best TSI driver?

The driver is the one that matches your game!

Each model is intentionally different to match the array of different handicap golfers around the globe. I would say the Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 are the most common for most golfers, as they both help with off center strikes and want consistent contact. But some golfers would benefit more from the TSi1 (higher handicappers, beginners), or the TSi4 (lower handicap golfers).

The Titleist TSi 3 driver is arguably the most versatile thanks to its adjustable weighting, but you can’t go wrong with any inside the TSi range of clubs. Make sure to pick the right one for your game though, by reviewing each one above. 

What is the difference between TSi2 and TSi3 drivers?

This is a great question as the Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 drivers are somewhat similar and the most popular TSi models. Overall, the TSi2 is the more forgiving option and doesn’t have a sliding weight like the TSi3. The TSi3 is best for consistent ball strikers who don’t need as much forgiveness off the tee.

Do they offer fairway woods?

Yes, there are several fairway woods available as well. Here is a brief overview of the three:

  • TSi1 fairway: Geared toward moderate swing speed players with easy to launch features. This club is 50 grams lighter than the standard fairway options for  high launch.
  • TSi2 fairway: Made for golfers who want exceptional ball speed and accuracy across the entire face. Similar to the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers.
  • TSi3 fairway: For players who want flight control  and features SureFit CG track technology for maximum adjustability (similar to the TSi3 driver).

Each of the three woods complete the new TSi range of clubs beautifully. You can learn more about them here.

Titleist TSi Driver Toe View

Should I get a custom driver fitting?

While a custom fitting can help, it might also cost more than you want to spend. If you want to opt out of a club fitting, I suggest using the Titleist driver selector tool.

This free tool from Titleist will ask you about:

  • Desired flight
  • Average distance
  • Shot consistency
  • Preferred club head shape

Then, it will recommend the best driver for you based on head weight, spin rate, miss hits, launch angle, classic shape vs. pear shape, and more. This is a great way to compare multiple Titleist clubs and find a new driver for your game.

Or, you can find a demo day near you to hit range balls and see performance in real life. If you do this, make sure to hit multiple golf balls with each golf club and monitor carry distance, spin, and ball flight.

Which models do PGA Tour players use?

The PGA Tour players tend to favor the TSi3 and TSi4 drivers for their consistent ball flight, overall driver performance profile, and driver head shape.  Switching new drivers isn’t something they take lightly, as their golf ball performance is their life!

But Titleist works with their brand ambassadors to ensure proper ball speeds, distance, and more. For example, Justin Thomas used the Tsi3 driver to win the Players Championship (as does Jordan Speith). While past Masters champion Adam Scott skips the Titleist TSi3 driver and instead prefers the pear profile of the TSi4 driver.

Titleist TSi3 Driver Headcover

Final Thoughts on the New Titleist Drivers

As you can tell, the newest drivers from Titleist are sure to impress any type of golfer.

Aesthetically, they have a beautiful design on each of the four models. The Titleist Tsi3 driver is likely the most popular for the majority of golfers, but make sure it’s the right one for you!

What makes them different from so many drivers on the market is how much customization you have with four unique clubheads. Whether you want more distance, less spin, more forgiveness, or a combination of them all, they offer a driver for all types of players.

Not to mention, there are tons of stock shafts and upgraded shafts available to match your ideal ball flight. Plus, if you want even more customization, you can use the TSi3 with it’s sliding weight feature. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong with any of these TSi drivers. Click here to learn more about them now!

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