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Hackmotion Golf Training Aid Review

Hackmotion Golf Review: Analyze your Wrists & Straighten your Shots

Your wrists (specifically your lead wrist) control the clubface more than you know. 

If you suffer from a slice or inconsistent ball striking, it might be time to change your wrist angles. While most players think of takeaway, grip, and tempo when it comes to changing their swing, I’d argue that your wrists are even more important. 

A 2019 Golf Magazine article written by top 100 instructor Dana Dahlquist summed up the wrists in the swing perfectly. “Your lead wrist is your swing’s steering wheel, but your body remains the engine. The engine can never stall. By taking the correct grip and maintaining lead-wrist flexion deep into your downswing, all that’s left to do on your part is to rotate your body.”

Until recently, there wasn’t a great way to monitor your wrist movement in your swing. But the newest training aid we’ll discuss today, Hackmotion Golf, is making it easier than ever to groove a more consistent swing with proper wrist angles. 

Hackmotion Golf Review 

You might be thinking… What is Hackmotion anyway?

Hackmotion is a sensor that you wear on your wrist to better understand clubface control. 

According to Hackmotion, “Wrist angles are the key to swing consistency. Your wrist angles directly control the clubface, and controlling the clubface is a key skill that separates the pros from the amateurs.” 

Their wrist sensors make it easier than ever to understand clubface control, which has a big impact on ball flight and distance. As they mention in one of their YouTube videos, clubface control is so important because it impacts direction by about 80%.

Essentially, if you can learn to control the face of the club, you’ll hit it straighter and better than ever. Wrist angles control the clubface angle.

Since the hands are the only part of the body that touch the club, they play a huge role in your overall ball striking. Here are the details about how this unique wrist sensor operates and how it can help your game.

Hackmotion Golf Review

How Hackmotion Sensor Works

Like a golf watch, the Hackmotion sensor is a wearable device that you use while swinging a golf club. This device works when you actually hit a golf ball – it’s not just something you use at home to train your swing.

As you probably know, golfers aren’t generally aware of their clubface and their ball striking suffers as a result. Or, they do know their face is open or shut, but don’t know how to change it. This training aid can help you do both quickly. 

Hackmotion’s number one goal is clubface control

Their other main goal is to help you create consistent wrist movements in the swing so your body can learn the proper angles. The result is a swing that is more consistent, leads to better ball striking (including straightening out that pesky slice), and hopefully, lower scores. 

Wrist Movement in the Golf Swing

This YouTube video does a great job of breaking down exactly how the wrists impact your swing. As they said, “Extension or cupping of the wrist opens the clubface relative to the target. Flexion or bowing the wrist closes the clubface.”  

Hackmotion Plus – Golf Swing and Wrist Angle Training Aid – Provides Real-time Wrist Data to Fix Common Swing Faults and Improve Ball Flight

After each swing, the software will provide data about how your hands and wrist are moving with each swing. For example, if you extend your wrists too much, you will open the clubface which is hard to square at impact position. The result is typically a nasty slice that loses distance and isn’t very accurate either.

The Hackmotion makes it easy to spot this error and other swing faults to help you adjust quickly. After a few swings, you can set a wrist angle goal with the app. Then, as you swing it will give you real-time audio feedback to let you know if you’re at the correct position or not. 

There are two different versions of the wrist trainer; the player and pro sensor. Let’s review each to see which one you will benefit from the most. 

Player Sensor

The “Player Sensor” is as you might have guessed, is for players not coaches. 

So, what kind of precise data is provided?

The Player sensor comes with flexion/extension data for the full swing to improve your wrist angles. It also helps analyze your putting too as it provides flexion/extensions plus radial/ulnar data for putting. 

Plus, all the benefits above including real-time feedback, track your progress with data, and learn to master the clubface. It’s easy to use and can help you start changing your golf swing quickly! 

You control Hackmotion with your iOS or Android app with ease (even if you aren’t a “tech savvy” golfer).

Hackmotion Golf Review

Pro Sensor

The Pro version of this sensor comes with all the benefits of the player sensor and the same hardware. The difference comes in the pro as it allows you to learn even more about your wrist metrics. 

Some of the data you get from the Pro Hackmotion sensor include:

  • Full swing analysis mode with detailed graphs 
  • Allows you to compare individuals metrics to PGA Tour pros 
  • Create individual player profiles to track your players progress
  • Complete set of wrist data (including lead and trail wrist data modes) 

Additionally, you do have the option to upgrade from Player to Pro sensor in the future. If you want to get your feet wet with the Player model to begin, you can always upgrade in the future. 

Since the sensors have the same hardware, you just need to buy the software update online. This is a nice perk if you’re on the fence between the two or want to get started but aren’t ready to spend that much money yet. 

The final difference between the two is the cost as the Pro is about twice the price. 

Instant Feedback 

A big problem with a lot of training aids is that they don’t always give immediate feedback or help you make lasting swing changes. Hackmotion is different as it provides tons of data after each swing to help you make swing adjustments quickly.

The live 3D model of your wrist is perfect for visual learners and auditory learners will enjoy the tune that is played in your headphones. Plus, it has audio feedback to help you start changing your swing fast. 

Hackmotion Plus – Golf Swing and Wrist Angle Training Aid – Provides Real-time Wrist Data to Fix Common Swing Faults and Improve Ball Flight

Helps All Parts of Your Game

Another huge benefit to this device is that it helps with more than just your full swing. Wrist angles are also very important in pitching, chipping, and putting.

You can turn on putting mode to learn more about your flexion/extension and radial/ulnar deviation as well. 

Works on All Devices

One of the downsides to some training aids or golf software is that they aren’t compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This is a big deal as it eliminates a good chunk of the golfing population.

Luckily, the Hackmotion Player sensor is good to go on pretty much all major devices. It works with iOS on both iPhone and iPad devices. It also works on Android devices too.

While the Pro Sensor only works on iOS and Windows platforms (both desktop and laptops). I’m a little surprised that the Pro doesn’t work on Android too but that could change in the future. But at the time of this article, you’ll need the “Player” sensor for Android devices. 

It also stores your progress over time so it’s easy to track your results. 

No Monthly Fees

Another huge perk of this training aid is that it’s a one-time purchase. You have no monthly or annual dues to keep using your wrist trainer. 

The one-time fee also provides lifetime access to all software updates. As the sensor continues to develop, you also get access to new features, even if their price increases 100% free. 

Works for Right and Left Handers 

Unfortunately, not every golf training aid works for both right and left-handed players. But the Hackmotion does work for both and it’s easy to switch if multiple people use it. 

Hackmotion Plus – Golf Swing and Wrist Angle Training Aid – Provides Real-time Wrist Data to Fix Common Swing Faults and Improve Ball Flight

Learn to Swing Like the Pros

Professional golfers all “swing their swing” but one aspect that is pretty consistent is the wrist angle during transition. These golfers “flex” their wrists which leads to a power move on the downswing. Unfortunately, most amateur golfers aren’t able to do this due to too much extension (aka, opening the clubface on the backswing).

The same Golf Magazine article summed it up perfectly, “Simply, whatever the lead wrist does, the clubface follows. So when elite players flex their lead wrist as they transition from backswing to downswing (and most do), the clubface rotates with it, closing slightly. It’s proof that the lead wrist’s role is fairly significant.”

Hackmotion will help you address this issue and get the proper wrist calibration. It’s one of the few training aids that can help you quickly and be a resource to help for the long-term.

Alternative Products to Hack Motion

Hackmotion is a highly reviewed wrist trainer but there are some good alternatives too. 

Dewiz Golf Watch Review

deWiz Golf Swing Analyzer

Arguably the most similar product in the market is the deWiz golf swing analyzer. Like the Hackmotion, this is a wearable device to help you better understand your swing. 

However, the deWiz wrist sensor is more detailed as it provides data on all parts of your swing, not just your wrist metrics. With this device, you get all kinds of information including:

  • Tempo 
  • Transition plane 
  • Swing tempo ratio
  • Length of backswing 

It’s a much more comprehensive, in-depth analysis to evaluate your full swing, not just your wrists. But it’s also twice the price and definitely made for serious golfers. 

Like Hackmotion, the deWiz comes with an app that you can track your progress and analyze each swing. It also provides neurofeedback to help you understand if you’re making the necessary adjustments in your swing. 

Click here to read our full review of the deWiz golf analyzer.

Swingyde Training Aid Review

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Another wrist trainer that has been popular in the golf world for a long time is the Swingyde. This training aid attaches to the shaft of your club and your wrist to ensure a proper wrist cock in your backswing. Ultimately, it will also help you improve swing plane, clubface alignment, and follow through.

Obviously, it’s much less detailed than the Hackmotion and great if you’re on a budget. It’s a simple, easy to use wrist trainer that you can keep in your bag or car without taking up much space. Plus, it works for both right and left-handed golfers too.

Click here to read our full review of the Swingyde now. 

FAQs About HackMotion Wrist Sensor

Do you have more questions about the Hackmotion wrist sensor? Check out the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

Should I buy the Pro or Player sensor?

If you’re a player focusing on your own game, buy the Player sensor. It’s much cheaper and has everything you need to improve your clubface control. 

However, if you’re a coach or advanced player that wants even more data, opt for the Pro sensor. While it is nearly double the price, it comes with a lot more details (see above) that will give you everything you need to analyze your swing. Plus, it’ll help your students more if you’re a coach and get them better results. 

Don’t forget, you can always upgrade from the Player to the Pro version in the future. Since both pieces of hardware are the same, it’s just a software update (which you can buy online) to upgrade your device.

If you’re still not sure which is the right one for you, watch this YouTube video comparing the two sensors. 

Do they offer video training?

Yes, there is ongoing support and video training on their website to help you understand how to use the device. Hackmotion is committed to helping you improve your wrist angle (especially lead wrist) to hit it better than ever.

Do wrist trainers work?

Yes, wrist trainers do a great job helping with your lead wrist position. Remember, the lead wrist is essentially the “steering wheel” of your swing. If your wrists get out of position by extension or too much of a bowed wrist, you will spray the golf ball all over the course.

But with the help of a wrist trainer like the Hackmotion sensor you can get instant feedback to better understand your wrists and clubface.

Hackmotion Plus – Golf Swing and Wrist Angle Training Aid – Provides Real-time Wrist Data to Fix Common Swing Faults and Improve Ball Flight

Final Thoughts on Hackmotion Golf Sensor

When you can control your wrist angle, you can control your club face. This type of control will lead to better golf shots with every club in the bag. 

Remember, the wrists play such a vital role in the golf swing as the hands are the only part of the body that touch the golf club. If your wrist angles are off on the backswing, it will directly impact your impact position and shot shape/trajectory. 

Until Hackmotion, it was almost impossible to gauge what the wrists were doing in the golf swing. But now, these two sensors make it easy to identify common swing faults that are holding you back from playing your best golf. 

If you’re someone that wants to build a more consistent swing and want immediate feedback, this is the product for you. Plus, you can buy with certainty thanks to the two-year warranty and 30-day hassle-free return policy. These features make it a no-brainer decision! 

Click here to learn more about the Hackmotion Wrist Trainer now. 

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