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Swingyde Training Aid Review

Swingyde Golf Swing Trainer: A Classic Training Aid that Simply Works

If you’re tired of being an inconsistent ball striker, we have a training tool that can help you get results… fast. 

Introducing the Swingyde Golf Trainer. 

This device has been around for a long time and remains one of the most popular training aids for all types of golfers. Chances are you’ve seen it on the driving range (or a knockoff version) as it has tons of benefits. Whether you’re a brand-new golfer, mid-handicap, or a skilled player, this device is worth every penny. 

The main goal of the Swingyde is simple – help you feel how a solid ball striker cocks their wrists on the backswing. Which leads to more body rotation, a better wrist angle at the top of the swing, and ultimately, a more efficient downswing.

While you might know you need to change your wrist angles in your backswing, it’s not always easy to feel and make the changes. Luckily, you can use this device whilst hitting golf balls and create new habits in your backswing.

Keep reading to learn more about the number one wrist trainer in golf and see how it can transform your golf swing.

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Swingyde Golf Swing Trainer Review

Swingyde Golf Swing Review

The wrists play a big role in your overall ball striking. 

As a Golf.com article said, “The wrists play a vital role in the aforementioned and have the largest influence in clubface control and presentation. Basically, they are capable of three sets of distinct movements: flexion and extension, supination and pronation, and ulnar and radial deviation.”

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple and the good news is that there is no “one size fits all” in terms of wrist position. For example, Dustin Johnson is different from Tiger Woods or Justin Thomas. But they all have the right movement in their swing and wrists that allow them to hit the ball better than 99.9% of golfers. 

This results of getting in the correct hinge position include:

  • Better accuracy
  • Greater distance
  • Better swing plane
  • Better forearm rotation
  • Improved face alignment

The Swingyde wrist trainer is a great tool to help get you into the right position for your swing. Which should lead to lower scores on the golf course as you’ll hit it straighter and likely longer too.

Here’s what makes this such a great training aid to help you become a more consistent player.

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Easy to Use 

One of the best benefits to this device is that it’s simple and easy to use. Follow the instructions below to get started using it quickly. Plus, it’s a lightweight golf training aid so you can keep it in your bag without getting in the way of your gear while playing golf.

Use With or Without Golf Balls

Another perk is that unlike other devices, you can hit golf balls with it or use it with practice swings. I find it very frustrating when some training aids don’t allow you to hit on the range and only in practice as it’s just not as effective in my opinion.

With Swingyde, you can use it at home to ingrain the new feeling or use it on the driving range. 

Swingyde Golf Swing Trainer Review

Swingyde Fits Everyone

Not only can you hit golf balls on the range with this device, it fits most people with ease. There’s no need to buy one for junior golfers or a senior version.

Lefties don’t need to look for Swingyde alternatives either as it works for either hand. Unlike a lot of devices only fit right-handed people but this works for both right and left-handed men too. 


The final benefit to this training tool is the low-cost and high value that it provides. Unlike other swing aids that cost a fortune, Swingyde is one of the most affordable tools to groove a consistent golf swing.  But the build quality is solid in the Swingyde sets so it should last for years to come.

You can finally learn what it feels like to swing like an elite ball striker and create your own reliable swing. Without having to spend a ton of money on lessons or golf clinics. 

How to Use Swingyde Golf Swing Trainer for Better Wrist Action

Now that you know the benefits of this device, you might have asked yourself, “How do you use a Swingyde?” 

Here is a step-by-step guide to ensuring you set it up quickly and correctly.

  1. Remove the wing nut and bolt so you can slip the clamp on the shaft. 
  2. The device doesn’t stay on the club shaft and instead, you want to slide it up to the base of the grip where it’ll remain during the swing. Don’t worry though, it won’t damage your grip. If you want more than 90 degrees of wrist hinge, attach it closer to the shaft. For less wrist hinge, slide it further up the grip. 
  3. For right-handed players, form a 90-degree angle between the club and your left arm so the club is square (vice versa for left-handed golfers). The cradle should rest on the side of your left forearm.
  4. Once in the correct position, ensure that the clubface is square. Do not let it start at address with an open or shut face. 
  5. After the clubface is square, fasten the wing nut and bolt below the grip so it’s secure. Then, start taking practice swings to get a feel for the device before hitting on the driving range. Soon enough, you’ll learn the correct golf swing positions easier than ever!
Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Swingyde Golf Swing Trainer Drills 

Another perk about this device is that they provide drills to help you make the most of your purchase. Here are two drills to help you get into the proper wrist positions in multiple parts of the game.

Rubber Band Drill

This is a great drill for new golfers and still learning the fundamentals of the full swing. Here’s how to get started:

  • Attach the device to a mid-iron and hold the club vertically in your left hand. From this position, hook a rubber band over the right side of the cradle. 
  • Then pull the band over to the left and underneath your forearm and attach it to the training aid. Once set up correctly, get into a normal setup position and take your backswing until the shaft is parallel to the ground. 
  • Without swinging to the top of your swing, go back through to a half follow through position. Also, make sure the club face is square at address position.
  • Do this five times with light grip pressure to understand how the wrists hinge in your swing. 
  • Remember, this is a half swing – don’t try to hit it hard.

Swingyde Putting Drill

While the device is meant for the full swing, it can also help get your hands in the right position for putting too. With putting, you don’t want much movement and it’s common to see higher handicap players use their wrists too much. This leads to flipping the putter at the ball and an inconsistent stroke.

Instead, you want to minimize movement and take the putter back with your arms, not your wrists. 

Here’s how to get started:

  • Attach the Swingyde to the bottom part of your putter grip so the device is on the right side (if you’re a right-handed player).
  • Next, attach a rubber band halfway down the drive and around your putter grip. It’s a good idea to double it to create enough tension.
  • Grip your putter with your left hand and then place your right hand on the grip like normal. But make sure the rubber band is in between your right forefinger and thumb.
  • Setup like normal and make practice strokes and notice how it impacts your stroke. Do this 5-10 times and then hit 3-5 foot putts.
  • After using the training tool, take it off and continue to work on short putts like normal. 

This is a great putting drill if you have an indoor putting mat as well. 

FAQs About Swingyde

Do you have more questions about this unique training aid? If so, we have answers to help you decide if it’s right for you. 

Does the Swingyde work?

Yes, it’s one of the oldest and most used training tools in the golf industry. This training tool will help you hit longer and straighter by encouraging proper wrist cocking in the swing. It can also help with tempo, clubface alignment, and impact position. 

The device makes it easy to feel how a pro swings without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on golf lessons.  

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Does a golf wrist hinge trainer work? 

Yes, wrist trainers work and allow you to feel the proper wrist angle in the backswing and downswing. Anytime you’re making swing changes, it’s always a good idea to work with a training aid to start feeling the new move instead of guessing. 

This makes it easy to feel the proper wrist cocking in your swing and you can use it on the range to see the results of your hard work.

Similar Training Aids

There’s no shortage of training aids in the golf world. Here are some similar devices that can help you improve your hand and arms in the golf swing.

Izzo Golf Smooth Swing 

This training aid is very affordable and actually pairs well with the Swingyde. You put this device over your arms to ensure proper forearm rotation in the swing. If you struggle with keeping your arms straight during impact, this device can help.

Click here to learn more now.

How to use the Down Under Board 2.0

DownUnder Board 2.0

Another device you can use with your new wrist trainer is the Down Under Board 2.0. This is another swing aid that is helpful both on or off the golf course. 

The board trains your lower body to push off the ground and optimize ground force. Paired with the proper wrist cock, it can help your ball striking with any club in the bag.

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Tour Striker PlaneMate Review

PlaneMate Swing Trainer

The final device that might help your backswing and overall swing is the PlaneMate by Tour Striker. This wearable device is a good addition to your Swingyde but you can’t use it together. 

Like the Swingyde, you can use this on or off the driving range to improve your backswing and can help you shallow the golf club with ease. The only downside to this training aid is that it’s kind of big and bulky, unlike the Swingyde.

Click here to read our full review and see if it’s right for your swing. 

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Final Thoughts on Swingyde to Improve Your Golf Swing

Your wrist position and getting the proper hinge plays a vital role in becoming a consistent ball striker. If you struggle with feeling the correct wrist cock/angles in your backswing, I am confident the Swingyde Golf Training Aid can help you out.

It’s such a useful device because you can use it at home while making practice swings or on the range hitting balls. It’s also small enough to easily keep in your bag and a great way to warm up before the round. 

Once you master the left wrist position in your golf swing, except more distance and accuracy with every club in the bag and most importantly lower scores.

It should also help with swing plan, club face alignment, and a proper follow through too. Plus, it works for all types of players. 

Click here to order your swingyde today.