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Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

Imagine if a rangefinder could provide data based on your game? And one that could help find the right distance based on the weather?

If that sounds amazing, then you’ll love reading this Precision Pro R1 rangefinder review. While it’s hard to believe, this rangefinder can do just that and a lot more.

Precision Pro has been a staple in the golf world for years with their previous NX models. But the R1 is a new type of rangefinder that is about to revolutionize the game of golf.

Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

Here’s the thing, more data makes golf easier. That’s why so many golfers are tracking their stats and studying their swing with launch monitors to make practice more useful.

But rangefinders haven’t changed much in terms of data over the years. The overwhelming majority of them only provide a distance to the target and some provide slope.

But the R1 rangefinder is not just any old rangefinder as you’ll learn in this review. Plus, you’ll see why this is one of our favorite rangefinders on currently on the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Precision Pro makes two great rangefinders at this time – the R1 and the NX10.
  • The Precision Pro R1 rangefinder is also part golf GPS thanks to front/center/back distances on each green.
  • The R1 has a rechargeable battery, “find my device” and other features like wind assist that most devices don’t include.

Keep reading to learn more about this awesome new rangefinder.


Measuring distances in golf has evolved immensely over the years. We used to have to pace off sprinkler heads or take an estimated guess of the 100, 150, and 200 yard markers. But golf GPS in carts was the next evolution and rangefinders weren’t far behind.

Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

Then rangefinders added slope to better understand how much a shot is uphill or downhill. But Precision Pro is stepping up their game even more with their new “MySlope” features. Not only will it share the slope, it will provide custom data based on your game, including:

  • Altitude
  • Humidity
  • Spin rate
  • Ball speed
  • Temperature
  • Launch angle

This results in insane accuracy on every shot. It’s like having a caddy on the bag to help you with every shot.

Most golfers forget to factor in altitude, temperature, and humidity so this is a game-changing feature. Not to mention, it can also help you understand wind conditions too.

Precision Pro R1 Smart Golf Rangefinder with Slope - Golf GPS Laser Rangefinder with Magnetic Cart Mount, Bluetooth, Personalized Yardages, Rechargeable Battery & 37,000+ Courses Included

Wind Assist

Most rangefinders have slope but few have other metrics to help you determine the weather. But this device is like having a caddy on the bag with its new wind assist feature.

According to the company, “Wind Assist™ calculates the effect of the wind on every shot, displaying the number of yards to add or subtract to your distance.” Paired with MySlope you should have everything you need to take the right club for all types of shots. Don’t let bad weather ruin your round ever again!

Like the slope features, you must turn this feature off when using it in competition.

App Connected

Most golfers are forced to make a choice – pick a rangefinder or a golf GPS device. Some players will opt to have both but ultimately it’s just more to carry and think about during the round. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but you don’t have to make the choice anymore.

The Precision Pro R1 rangefinder connects to the app on your phone to provide even more data about the hole. For example, it includes front, center, and back distances to the green just like a golf GPS device. This way you can create a solid approach shot strategy and hopefully save more shots from tee to green!

Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

Find My Device

Every golfer’s worst fear is to leave a golf club, gadget, or rangefinder on the course or in the cart after a round. This is always frustrating and can cost a lot of money too. But you don’t have to worry about losing this golf accessory as it has a feature that is just like “Find my iPhone.”

That’s right, this rangefinder has “Find my Precision Pro” so you never lose your device again. Since it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and the app, it will send you an alert if you leave it behind. Not to mention even tell you the hole as well!

This has to be one of the best features in any golf device and something I’ve yet to see with any other rangefinder.

Warranty and Customer Support

As you can see, there are so many perks to this amazing new rangefinder. But another way they go above and beyond is the extended warranty. The R1 comes with a 2-year warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Not to mention, this device has a 90-day money-back guarantee! If you don’t love it after a few months, reach out to their customer support team and get a full refund. They’re that confident in their new device!

Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Case

Alternate Option: Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder

If you want a rangefinder with the ability to customize the look of the device, you can’t beat the Precision Pro NX10. This device has most of the same features including:

  • Slope features.
  • Incredible accuracy.
  • Range up to 999 yards.
  • Pulse vibration technology.

But it doesn’t have things like “MySlope” or “WindAssist.” But it does have a CR2 battery which some golfers prefer as it’s easier to swap out mid-round (if you don’t have a way to charge your device).

Click here to read our full review of the Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder.

Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

FAQs About Precision Pro Rangefinders

Do you have more questions about Precision Pro rangefinders? If so, keep reading to figure out if it’s right for your game.

Are Precision Pro rangefinders any good?

Yes, they’ve been making great rangefinders for years and constantly making improvements. This is such a good change from NX models as it pairs with an app and has MySlope features to provide the best most accurate measurements possible.

What type of battery does the R1 rangefinder use?

Unlike most rangefinders, this is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. You can charge this at home or even in your golf cart during the round as well.

Yes, both the R1 and NX10 rangefinders from Precision Pro are tournament legal.

You do need to turn off the “MySlope” feature which does take away a lot of the great perks on this device. However, you should still be able to use it with the app for the front-center-back features – just not slope, wind, or other weather conditions.

Precision Pro R1 Rangefinder Review

My Experience

I am beyond impressed with this rangefinder and how easy it is to determine your distance thanks to “MySlope.” This feature truly feels like you have a caddy with you at all times as it measures wind, slope, elevation, and more to give you the most accurate distance possible.

Not to mention the app is a great upgrade too and something I see more companies doing in the future. Having the ability to find your device if you accidentally misplaced it and front-center-back distances is a great feature.

Precision Pro R1 Smart Golf Rangefinder with Slope - Golf GPS Laser Rangefinder with Magnetic Cart Mount, Bluetooth, Personalized Yardages, Rechargeable Battery & 37,000+ Courses Included

Final Thoughts

If you want a mid-priced rangefinder that is part GPS (and acts like a caddy), you can’t go wrong with the R1. It’s a massive upgrade from the previous NX9 model and think you will love the device.

Some of the biggest perks include of R1 include:

  • MySlope.
  • Tournament legal.
  • Magnetic cart mount.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Two-year warranty and customer support.
  • Pairs with an app to provide more hole data.

And so many other great features. It will definitely help you take your golf game to the next level.

Order your R1 Rangefinder here or here.

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