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Rypstick Golf Review

Rypstick Golf Review: Max Out Your Distance

Golf is a game of speed. 

Sure, you need to hit it near the center of the face, have a solid short game, and work on the mental side of things, but we can’t neglect speed either.

Golf companies are also picking up on this trend of overspeed training and offering more ways to help you increase swing speed. One of the latest all-in-one speed training systems is known as Rypstick. It’s a wildly popular training system that can revolutionize your golf swing and add a ton more speed to your game.

Most of us think about the swing and all its complexities but forget about creating more power with speed. However, as more and more studies show that hitting it longer makes it easier to score less, more players are focusing on speed. 

More speed equals more distance with every club in the bag. Keep reading for the full Rypstick review and learn how it compares to other big names in the golf industry. 

Rypstick Golf Review 

The first three letters of Rypstick are “RYP” – which stands for reach your potential. After testing this device, I’m confident that it will play a big role in helping reach your distance potential. 

Key Takeaways

  • Rypstick Golf is a speed training program that uses one club that has interchangeable weights, and an app to track your progress.
  • To start adding valuable speed and distance to your game, follow their protocols, which require about three sessions per week (roughly 20 minutes per session).
  • Rypstick has one speed trainer vs. a set of clubs like their competitor, SuperSpeed Golf.
  • You need a launch monitor or speed device when training with Rypstick to track your progress over time. 
Rypstick Golf Review


The premise of Rypstick is simple – swing the weighted club following their protocol each week until the program is complete. Over time, you should increase club head speed, which will increase total distance.

Unlike SuperSpeed (which has three clubs), Rypstick only comes with one club for training with interchangeable weights. Plus, there is a counterweight, so you have a total of eight unique weighting combinations without having to swap heads or clubs. 

Here are the different weight combinations: 

  • No weights = 270 grams
  • One weight = 300 grams
  • Two weights = 330 grams
  • Three weights = 360 grams
  • Three weights + counterweight = 420 grams 

Then, it’s up to you to follow the training protocol to start adding speed to your swing. Here’s what makes this such a popular golf training aid.

Rypstick Golf Review

Speed Radar is Needed 

A swing speed radar (like the Sports Sensor) will make your training routine more effective as you can manage your club speed. While you can use a swing radar to monitor your progress over time, it’s not necessary to make this device work (like other systems).

The Rap Radar works without a golf ball and provides optional voice feedback as well. Plus, it even stores the data from your last 10 swings. You can buy this separately or in a bundle from their website. 

Multiple Protocols

Whether you’re a first time user or already completed a protocol, you can keep using this device to keep increasing speed. The Rypstick has four protocols and a warm-up to use before the round too. This is a great way to warm up at home or the parking lot, even if you don’t have time to hit balls at the driving range.

The protocols are available on their website with videos and you can download PDFs to print out or refer to at home. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from each protocol.

Level 1 Protocol

According to Rypstick, “Level One protocol is for golfers that want to get started right away without changing swing mechanics.” They recommend everyone start here and continue to address any major swing issues too.

These speed sessions take about 10–20 minutes and they encourage a day of rest between sessions. If you follow this program 3X per week, you will be done in one month and ready for level two.

Level 2 Protocol 

The second level is more for advanced golfers who aren’t looking to make swing changes and just want to add distance. The protocols are similar to the first level but a little more intensive. Like the first phase, it should only last 10–20 minutes for three days per week. 

Rypstick Golf Review

Level 3 & 4 Protocol 

Once you’ve ascended to levels three and four, stick with the process. These programs use heavier weights, more reps, and different drills to keep increasing your swing speed. 

Overall, the system is very easy to follow, even if you are new to the speed training world. 

Free App 

One thing we talk about a lot at the Left Rough golf blog is the need for training aids to be simple. If they’re large, complex, and hard to use, you are less likely to use them and improve your game. 

Luckily, Rypstick is incredibly easy to use, with no tools required to adjust the weights. Simply slide them in and out based on your training protocol drills.

They also have a free app to get step-by-step guidance on how to use the device (works with Apple and Android). It makes it easy to track your progress, earn rewards as you progress, and keep you motivated. 

Plus, since it’s only one club, you can easily keep it in your golf bag for a great warm up or to use during a speed session on the driving range.

Various Sizes for all Types of Golfers 

What’s great about the Rypstick is that it comes in a variety of sizes to fit all types of players. Whether you’re a junior or senior golfer, there is a club for you.

Currently, there are five different lengths available, including:

  • Men’s – 45 inches
  • Senior – 44 inches 
  • Ladies – 44 inches 
  • Juniors – 41 inches
  • Indoor Use – 38 inches 

Each has a different color shaft and flex to match the type of player swinging the club. 

It’s important to note that unlike other trainers, the Rypstick is the length of your driver (45 inches for men) not an iron length. I think this is a big advantage because the most important club to hit longer is a driver, not a mid-iron. So it makes sense to train with a shaft that is the same length as your driver. 

Whether you’re male or female, advanced or beginner, there is an option for every type of golfer. 

Rypstick Golf Review


One thing that makes this overspeed system so great is the ability to add a counterweight into the grip of the golf club. This isn’t something I’ve seen from any other competitors, and is ideal if you cast the club too early. 

If you’re the type of golfer that casts the club and doesn’t create lag like you want, this weight can help. By adding the weight into the grip, it makes the butt-end of the club heavier so you can shallow it out more in the downswing. 

Rypstick vs. Competitors

A few years ago, almost no amateur golfers were speed training or intentionally trying to add clubhead speed. But the last few years, players of all skill levels understand the importance of hitting bombs off the tee.

Now, there are tons of competition in the overspeed training market. Let’s compare how Rypstick stacks up against others in the market.

Rypstick vs. SuperSpeed Golf  

SuperSpeed Golf is one of the most common names when it comes to overspeed training. Let’s start with what the two training systems have in common:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use 
  • Training protocols provided 
  • Can keep using to break through plateaus 
  • Different length/sizes for all types of players
  • Weighted clubs to improve swing speed over time

But there are some differences between them as well. The biggest difference is that SuperSpeed comes with three sticks, while Rypstick is just one. 

Additionally, you can change the weight of the Rypstick while you can’t adjust SuperSpeed. There is no counterweight in the traditional SuperSpeed Golf set, but a different club can be bought separately. 

The other difference is that a radar device isn’t required with SuperSpeed but is encouraged. 

Make sure to check out our full SuperSpeed Golf review, as multiple people from the Left Rough have used and gotten great results. Additionally, here is an informational YouTube video comparing the two overspeed programs from 2nd Swing Golf. 

Rypstick vs. The Stack System 

The Stack is a new overspeed training system that became more well known after the 2022 US Open. Matthew Fitzpatrick took home the trophy and everyone was thinking the same thing – this guy added speed and distance. 

His secret?

The Stack System. 

This is a weighted club training aid with adjustable weights to help you add speed through a training protocol. Like SuperSpeed, there are some commonalities between Rypstick and the Stack, including: 

  • One stick
  • Removable weights
  • Different length/sizes 
  • Training protocols provided 
  • Warm up sessions to use pre-round 
  • Can keep using after initial speed training 

After trying out both the Stack and Rypstick, one thing I noticed was the shaft length. I like how Rypstick is the same length as a driver and feels like it gives it a more realistic training.  

Plus, Rypstick is significantly cheaper than the Stack as well. Make sure to read our full review of the Stack System. 

Rypstick Golf Review

FAQs About Rypstick Speed Trainer 

Do you have more questions about this speed training device? If so, check out some of the most commonly asked questions and answers to see how it can help your game. 

Do pros use Rypstick?

Yes, many professional golfers use this system to increase their clubhead speed.

According to their website, they have 100+ Tour athletes, 1000+ teaching pros, and 5 of the world’s top 10 long drive competitors

Plus, it’s been featured in big publications like Golf Digest and MyGolfSpy. It’s also the endorsed training aid of Decade Golf, which is a very popular course management system among high level amateurs and professional golfers. 

How much speed and distance can you gain?

A lot! They guarantee longer drives in 40 days or your money back.

Here’s what they noted on the website about how much distance you might add. “To maximize your potential gains, we recommend taking advantage of our free swing analysis prior to beginning training. Typically, the club head speed gains we see with 2 months of training are: 98% gain 2 mph, 50% gain 5+ mph, 10% gain 10+ mph.” 

What’s included with your purchase?

When you buy Rypstick you get:

  • Training protocols
  • Three weights + counterweight 
  • Rypstick training aid (with knit headcover)
  • Free swing analysis from Dr. Luke Benoit ($89 value) 

What’s the Rypstick training protocol?

Speed training is great because you don’t need to spend hours a day practicing to see results. Rypstick takes only 10 minutes a day, three times per week. 

For every one mph you gain, it’s between 2–3 yards of extra distance. Keep your current driver and start seeing gains in a month or less!

Should I fix my swing before speed training?

Golf is a never ending quest to create a consistent swing. I’m not sure if we’d ever be ready to speed train if we were waiting for the perfect swing – right? 

That being said, if you’re having trouble with your swing, make sure to check out the library of blogs that cover all things swing related. Plus, Rypstick has their own “Swing Fix Protocols” to help you as well.

Ultimately, you don’t have to wait for a “perfect swing” to start speed training. In fact, sometimes speed training will resolve some issues in your swing (like tempo) and help you add distance to your game. 

Rypstick Golf Review

Can you train inside and outside?

Yes, Rypstick is a very versatile product and works both indoors or outdoors.

As a reminder, you do not hit golf balls with these types of training aids. You can use it on the golf course driving range, but not while playing golf or hitting balls.

Are there other products available?

Yes, aside from the Rypstick and the radar they offer other products to help your game including:

  • The Dr.’s Coaching Package 
  • The RYP Fitness Program (and Fitness Assessment)

Paired with the radar and training club, you can improve your speed and overall fitness routines. If you’re interested in weight training, read our full guide on golf workouts here.

My Experience

As an avid golfer myself, I’ve tried just about every type of training aid out there, including all the major speed trainers. I started with SuperSpeed Golf in 2020 and overall liked the results. It was an easy way to get started adding speed and didn’t require an app. 

However, I didn’t like that there were three sticks instead of interchangeable weights. It wasn’t as convenient, so I switched to The Stack System.

The Stack was highly talked about in 2022 after Matthew Fitzpatrick’s impressive performance at the 2022 US Open. Not only did he win the championship, he hit it longer than ever and made it look easy. So I bought a speed sensor since my Voice Caddie SC300 app didn’t work with it and started the program.

Overall, it was a big improvement from SuperSpeed. Having one club made it easy to take with me to the gym, golf course, or indoor simulator. The app is a little complicated, but overall I think it’s an impressive program and easy to see why it’s so popular among professionals.

I tried Rypstick last of the three but think it’s the best overall trainer. 

First, I like that it’s one club vs. three clubs, so it wins in this category over SuperSpeed. I also like that it has an app similar to the Stack to track your progress over time.

But the main reason I like Rypstick the most is that it has the length of a driver shaft. The entire purpose of speed training is to add distance with driver, more than any other club. Yet, most speed training devices are the length of an iron… why, I’m not sure? 

Not to mention, it’s priced very well and has a model for every type of golfer. This is why I’m a big fan of Rypstick and think it can do wonders to your game. 

Final Thoughts on Rypstick 

Don’t forget, for every one MPH that you add to your swing speed with a driver leads to nearly three more yards off the tee. If you can add five MPH, you’re looking at close to 15 extra yards off the tee and likely an increase in distance with irons too. 

Golf rewards long hitters, so it’s worth it to buy a speed training system like Rypstick to add more distance to your golf game. The single stick is easy to use and a great golf training aid that you will actually want to use.

As always though, make sure you warm up before each session, skip it if you’re feeling tired or sore, and follow the protocols. The last thing you want is an unwanted injury by not following the instructions. 

For the price and simplicity, this is one of the best devices to help increase speed and hit it longer than ever. 

Click here to learn more about Rypstick and build speed now. 

Have you ever tried Rypstick or other speed training devices to add more speed to your swing? If so, how has it impacted your game?

Let us know in the comments below.

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