Arccos 360 Review

There is a decade old debate going on in the mind of any semi-serious golfer.   Boxers or briefs?  Just kidding, the real burning question is should I use a GPS system or Laser Rangefinder?  My personal preference has always been a rangefinder.  But with the new Arccos 360, I’m starting to change my mind.

Arccos is a pioneer in the fast-growing field of on-course analytics.  With their new Arccos 360 system, they have hit the market with a few noteworthy improvements on the predecessor, Arccos Generation 1. Among other things, Arccos 360 offers real-time shot-tracking, actual club distances, and even provides some incredible statistics.

What is the importance of keeping stats in the first place?

Let’s face it, we all want to play better golf.  But what separates the men from the boys is the desire to put in the work to improve.  If you have learned anything from reading this site, going out and beating balls on the range is not the optimal way to get better.  The cornerstone of any improvement plan is identify the strengths and weaknesses in your game.   And there is no better way to do that than to keep track of your stats.

Knowing for a fact that you miss the fairway 30% of the time on the left is so much more helpful than trying to remember the 8 times you hooked a drive during the last round.  Knowing that you average 2.4 putts a round is clearly better than recalling the 10 times you 3 putted last round.  But best of all, knowing that you hit your 6 iron 165 yards will absolutely take strokes off your game and lower your handicap.

How important is knowing how far you hit each club?

I really can’t overstate this enough.  For every shot in golf, you can hit the ball offline (right or left of target) or the wrong distance (short or long).  By knowing the distance you have to the target and knowing exactly which one of your clubs goes that distance, you’ve just eliminated 50% of what can go wrong on every single shot.  So much of your score is dependent on how close you get to the hole on your second shot (or first shot on a par 3).  Hitting a shot 5 yards long or short of the hole can be the difference between putting for birdie or missing the green and having a tough up and down to save par.

Copy the Professionals

Still not convinced?  If you pay attention to the PGA Tour on a semi-regular basis, you’ll notice something called ShotLink.  ShotLink captures every statistic you could imagine about a round of golf.  Touring professionals use that information to analyze trends in their game and where to spend their time practicing.  Don’t you think if the guys playing for millions of dollars a week see the importance of tracking stats you should probably pay attention too?

Unfortunately, Shotlink is not available to you or I.  But we have the next best thing…

Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Arccos 360 Review

On the free app, you get a ton of helpful information including charts and graphs that help to review your performance on shots and help you know exactly what club to use for every situation. You can use the statistics to know where you excel and what holds you back so you can decide what to work on.

The stats recorded help you to track your strengths and weakness over time. Arccos 360 offers a detailed handicap breakdown of every aspect of the game including full swings, putting and the short game. By tracking your performance on each one of them over a certain duration, you can identify where you need to improve.

For more detailed stats than what the Arccos app on the phone displays, a web dashboard for Arccos is available. Upon logging in on the Arccos official website, you can view your rounds, detailed analytics, history and much more.

Best of all, using the stats recorded by the Arccos 360, you can determine your exact distance on the course at any given time and select the perfect club to use for that shot.


Smaller Sensors– Arccos 360 takes pride in being about 50% smaller when compared to the original Arccos Gen1 system.

Better Battery Life– Arccos Gen 1 battery was a little unsatisfying, Arccos 360 comes with an even better battery that Arccos claims can last over 2 years.

Improved Sensors – the revamped performance tracking system now features 14 robust and highly sensitive sensors for accurate shot detection.

Power Saving Mode – unlike predecessors, Arccos 360 can now work when your smartphone is in flight mode to prevent a drain on your battery.

Built-In GPS rangefinder– improved GPS rangefinder and new shot detection algorithm improve the accuracy of distances to the back, center and front of any green.

Hands-Free– an impressive feature about this golf tracking system is that it’s automatic. You only need to have your phone in your front pocket and the sensors will automatically record your shots without the need to tag or tap.

Analysis & Customized Data– Arccos 360 comes with a free app that provides exceptionally instrumental data so you can track your performance history on a given hole and a particular shot.


Replacement batteries Unavailable – This is the biggest disadvantage of the system.  Arccos 360 features long-life battery that can last more than 2 years, but a replacement is currently not available.

Phone Dependent – Your phone must be in your pocket.  For the best results, you need to have the phone with you and in your front pocket and not the rear pocket.

Key Features

A feature that sets Arccos 360 from the original system is the improved sensors. In this updated model, they’ve been designed in such a way that they’re 50% smaller and apparently lighter than the ones used in Arccos Gen 1. As such, when screwed onto the butt of the club, the sensors are no longer an obstruction and are highly undetectable when swinging unlike in the former system. In addition, since the sensors transmit the signals to the phone app, tracking is automatic. Due to that, there’s no need for tagging, tapping or anything else that can interfere with the game.

Airplane mode is another feature that sets this automatic performance tracking system apart. An 18-hole round drains between 40 and 60 percent of your phone’s battery. Arccos 360 can now work when the phone is in the airplane mode to reduce the drain on the battery.

Another feature of Arccos 360 worth noting is the brand new free Arccos app for both Android and iPhone. The app is even more precise and accurate compared to the original. Users can now get precise and reliable stats in real time.   Advanced GPS with live shot tracking records a shot and then analyzes the data in real time. With a more powerful built-in GPS rangefinder and the improved shot tracking algorithm, it’s possible to get even more accurate distances to the front, back, and center to any green by using the Arccos App.

Finally, Arccos 360 last key feature is the long-lasting sensor batteries that need no recharging and capable of lasting over 2 years depending on the usage frequency.


Not all golf GPS systems are reliable when it comes to the accuracy and functionality.  Arccos 360 preciseness is impressive thanks to the advanced GPS rangefinder and new shot detection algorithm. Select a point on the hole and it gives yard distances with high-level accuracy.


Arccos 360 sets the pace in the performance tracking systems in that it works automatically and users are relieved of the need to keep tagging and tapping.


Upgrading from Arccos Gen 1 brought about few but remarkably significant improvements to the current system. Hand-frees working, lighter yet highly sensitive sensors and improved accuracy.  All of these make the Arccos 360 performance tracking system more functional.

Is It Worth It Upgrading to Arccos 360 from the Original Arccos?

Yes, it’s definitely worth it.

First, Arccos Generation 1 sensors were relatively big and somewhat annoying to the users because of the extra weight the sensors added to the club. Arccos 360 tracking system comes with super-light and smaller sensors that are simple to screw and highly undetectable during play.

Second, there’s the high-level accuracy thanks to the advanced shot detection algorithm in Arccos 360.  This unrivaled accuracy sets it apart from the predecessor or similar devices.

Third, the battery life has improved a great deal with the upgrade as compared with the Arccos Generation 1 system. The Arccos 360 sensors can last over 2 years.

Finally, the upgraded performance tracking system now comes with a power saving mode whereby users can play rounds when the phone is in flight mode. That helps to reduce the drain on your battery.

For golfers of all levels, the upgraded Arccos 360 is worth considering when shopping for either a GPS system or a Laser Rangefinder.  With the ability to track every aspect of your game, Arccos 360 can help you become a better golfer.  Give it a try today.

Who is best suited for an Arccos 360?

Arccos 360 has been crafted in such a manner that it offers features and performance that golfers of all levels (beginners, intermediate and good players) can find useful.  There are some people (like myself), that love the ease of use and accuracy of a rangefinder.  But the ability to record so much information conveniently is something you just can’t do with a rangefinder.  Bottom line, if you care about getting better and are serious about it, you’ll love the Arccos 360.

How does the Arccos 360 compare to the competition?

For stat tracking and analysis, probably the other system that comes close to Arccos 360 is Game Golf Live. Similar to Arccos, the system offers real-time shot tracking and analysis such that users don’t have to wait until the end of the round to know where they’ve lost strokes and the improvements required.

Just like Arccos 360 GPS function, Game Golf Live comes with that same ability. Upon each shot, users can view and map the distances to any target. However, the odds are pretty high that Arccos is more accurate compared to Game Golf Live thanks to its advanced GPS rangefinder and the now the new and better shot detection algorithm.

Arccos 360 beats Game Golf Live in one big way. Game Golf Live tracking system has to sync to the phone through Bluetooth. The users will need to pair and then tag each shot for every round, which means interrupting play and just being overall inconvenient.  Arccos 360, on the other hand, uses the GPS on the phone and the sensors on the club for tracking. The shot tracking in Arccos is automatic and requires no tagging or tapping after shots or after the round.  Bottom line, the Arccos 360 is just much more convenient than Game Golf Live.


For golfers of all levels, the upgraded Arccos 360 is worth considering when shopping for either a GPS system or a Laser Rangefinder.  With the ability to track every aspect of your game, Arccos 360 can help you become a better golfer.  Give it a try today.

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