Cold Weather Golf Gear

Cold Weather Golf Gear: How you can Turn January into June

Golf is one of those crazy addictive games that can get you to the course in pretty much any weather. Unlike other sports, you’re out there in the elements battling it out to shoot the lowest score possible.

In some parts of the world, the elements mean scorching heat or nasty humidity that has you searching for shade on every hole. For other parts of the world, it’s freezing or tons of rain where you can’t seem to stay warm or dry.

If you’re in the latter category, I think you’ll find this post very helpful. As someone who’s played golf in a ton of cold temperatures (including light snow, hail, and icy winds), I know what it takes to play well when it feels like you vs. mother nature. 

I would say the biggest factor to playing well when the weather isn’t good is to show up prepared. You need the right golf winter clothing to set yourself up for success.

For winter golf, that means having plenty of layers so you can adapt if the weather changes. As you probably know, there’s nothing worse than forgetting your stuff at home, only to freeze the entire day. In this post, we’ll help you navigate the best cold weather golf attire, items, and accessories to stay warm on the links.

If you’re planning the cold season and wondering, “What is the best cold weather gear?” We got you covered, plus some helpful cold weather golf tips. Here are our top selections for warm golf clothes to play your best, despite the tough conditions. 

Best Golf Jacket(s)

We’ll start with the last layer, which is a dependable jacket. I would say the number one factor here is making sure you can wear it and swing comfortably with every club in the bag.

While you want to stay warm, you also want to make sure it doesn’t hinder a full backswing or follow through. The last thing you want is your normal movement to get screwed up by your clothes!

Besides being able to swing in your jacket, here are a few other factors to consider when picking the perfect golf one for your game.  

Outerwear Material: The type of material used will have a huge impact on how warm it will keep you. The warmest ones are usually fleece (some are wool) which is great for keeping you warm but is terrible if it rains too. While others are polyester or a combination of fabrics. 

Pullover or Zippered: Do you want one that zippers from top to bottom or prefer a pullover style? There are several types of pullovers now as there are traditional, 1/4 zippered jackets and hoodies that are made for golfers. 

Waterproof: The final thing to think about is if your coat is waterproof or at least water resistant. Sometimes this isn’t a huge deal if you play in cold more than rain but ideally you want a rain specific jacket and one for the cold.  For a more detailed discussion on rain suits, click here.

Price: Finally, don’t forget about price as different products cost more than others on the market. Overall, I think you’ll find that this page has a ton of good deals and sales to help you not break the bank.

Now that you know what to look for in your next coat or pullover, here are some of the best golf jackets and hoodies.

Callaway Long Sleeve Full-Zip Wind Jacket

Callaway is not only making incredible drivers and irons but now a huge selection of apparel as well. This full-zip jacket (with a mock collar) is great for all types of winter golf and made for cold, wind, and rain as it’s made of 100% polyester. 

Callaway Men's Standard Modern/Fitted, Black, X-Large

While it’s not 100% waterproof, it will help repel water with ease. Even though it’s only available in black, it’s bound to match the rest of your cold weather golf gear and equipment. 

Adidas 3-Stripes Layering Top

Adidas created a great coat as the final layer to your winter outfit. This jacket is also 100% polyester with a rib-knit mock collar. It has three contrast stripes on the left sleeve and provides a clean, simple look. Plus, it’s available in four different colors. 

adidas Mens Climalite 3-Stripes Pullover (A190) -Black/Whit -3XL

Adidas Cold.rdy Hoodie

One of the more recent trends in the sport is hoodies on golf courses. Some players still think that hoodies aren’t acceptable for the course as they aren’t formal enough (and obviously don’t have a collar). But despite the criticisim, more and more brands are making them. If you’re ready to shop like a renegade, the hoodie might be for you.

adidas Golf Cold.Rdy Hoodie, Tech Emerald, Small

One of the best fitting and best looking ones is the latest from Adidas. The Cold.rdy hoodie is insulated, wind-resistant, and water repellent. It’s more of a loose fitting style will help you swing freely and the hoodie part will keep your neck warm. 

Click here to pick up a Cold.rdy Hoodie.

Nike Synthetic Full Core Reversible

Nike Men's Synthetic Full Core Reversible Golf Jacket (X-Large, Gunsmoke)

While Nike might have bowed out from making clubs, they still make some of the best apparel on the market. This jacket was designed for golfers with its soft, polyester design. It’s also highly insulated and water repellent to keep you dry in all weather conditions. Not to mention, it’s reversible so you can mix it up without buying more than one! 

Click here to purchase a Nike Reversible Jacket. 

Under Armour Sweater Fleece 1/4 Zip 

Under Armour Men's Storm Fleece QZ Sweater, True Gray Heather, Medium

Another top name is Under Armour and their newest sweater is bound to keep you warm. This loose fit style is made with 100% polyester and is not only good for the cold but the rain as well. This piece of outerwear is extremely breathable, looks good on or off the course, and is available in more than 10 colors. 

Click here to find your 1/4 Under Armour sweater.  

Under Armour Storm Softershell

While the ¼ zip above is nice, it’s more for a brisk day on the course. If you’re looking for something much warmer (but not wool) for really cold days, you’ll love this upgrade. 

Under Armour Men's Storm Softershell Jacket, Midnight Navy (410)/Overcast Gray, Medium

With its “Storm” technology, it’s still extremely breathable and will keep you warm in the wind and cold. It’s made to retain your own body heat and has two convenient zippered side pockets for your hands. It’s also available in 10+ solid color choices. 

Click here to purchase an Under Armour Storm Softershell coat.

Best Winter Golf Pants

Best Winter Golf Pants (Golf Trousers)

Aside from a good jacket, you’ll also want to consider upgrading your pants aka golf trousers as well. Since a lot of slacks are designed to keep you cool, you might need to buy a few pairs of cold weather ones as well. 

UA ColdGear Infrared Showdown Pants

These pants from Under Armour were made for winter and might be the best mens winter golf pants we’ve come across! Using their Infrared technology, these will help you retain body heat.

Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Showdown Golf Pants , Black (001)/Black , 36/30

The material (91% polyester, 9% elastane) is also meant to dry moisture quickly if it does rain. Plus, they have a stretch-engineered waistband which is great if you’re wearing multiple shirts. 

Click here to find the right size and purchase the best cold weather golf pants!  

Or, if you prefer traditional rain pants to slacks for rain protection, check out these Sportstyle woven rain pants. 

Adidas Climastorm Rain Pant

If you prefer to wear your normal slacks and opt for rain pants on top, you’ll love these from Adidas. They give you protection from both the wind and the rain but aren’t baggy or loose like a lot of rain paints.

Men's Golf Climastorm Provisional Rain Pants, Large/Regular, Black

These have two side seam pockets, a drawstring closure, and can be thrown in the washer like a normal pair of pants. Plus, Adidas is a highly regarded company who only makes some of the best products in the indsutry so they’re bound to last.

Click here to pick up your Climastorm rain pants.

Best Winter Golf Clothes Guide

While a jacket and pants are important, don’t forget about the other clothing options as well. As I mentioned in the intro, layering up is key to staying warm and still playing good.

Here are some of our top picks on other golf gear for cold weather.

Base Layer and Mid Layers 

If you’re playing in extremely cold conditions, good pants might not be enough. Sometimes you’ll need compression leggings or thermals underneath to stay warm. 

If you need leggings, here are our top clothing picks:

  • Under Armour ColdGear: These compression leggings are 87% polyester and 13% elastane for a form fit. These leggings fit comfortably underneath your slacks (since they don’t really make good insulated golf pants), and have 4-way stretch construction to help you move easily in any direction. While they stick to your skin more than you might want, they will keep you warm!
  • FitExtreme Max Heat Fleece Lined Thermal Underwear: If you’re looking for a full set of both top and bottom thermals, you’ll love this set on Amazon. These tagless thermals allow you to keep warm and swing freely. Plus, they even have a fly hole that is designed to help you relieve yourself without having to take off your pants. Not to mention, they’re available in gray, black and several other sizes/styles. 


If you feel too bulky with a jacket, a vest is a great alternative to battle the elements. They are easy to take on and off and allow you wear to multiple layers while swinging freely. 

Turtlenecks (or Snoods)

While layering up your body is important, don’t forget about your neck either. This is one of the most important parts of your body to stay warm but one that golfers forget the most. You can choose to wear a turtleneck base or mid layer, or go with a snood (which is a neck warmer).

If you don’t want to rock a turtleneck on the course, I highly recommend a snood. These neck warmers are extremely comfortable and can double as a face mask as well. 

  • Titleist Performance Snood Neck Warmer: This snood is all black and made with Polyester material with a fleece lining. Plus it has a Titleist logo to sport your favorite ball or club manufacturer. 

Winter Golf Shoes 

Another item you might want to upgrade for cold, muddy, winter golf is your shoes. Sadly, most courses don’t let you play with metal spikes but each company below has some good alternatives for your feet.

Since manufacturers know that golfers can’t get enough of the game, even when it’s nasty outside, they’ve made some nice upgrades in recent years to the shoe game. Check out some of these golf shoes that are made specifically for winter conditions.

  • Adidas Climaproof BOA Shoe: These shoes will help you play good even in the worst conditions. The mid-cut design will keep your feet dry but were made with a foam pillow sock liner. Plus, they’re all black so they’ll be easy to keep clean even if you step in a puddle or find some mud on the course. 
  • Skechers Torque Brogan Winter Boots: The newest design from Sketchers is similar to the Adidas pair (price and style wise) and made for tough conditions. They’re very comfortable, yet functional with six soft spikes and a velcro top strap. Plus, they also have a two year waterproof warranty!  
  • Skechers Go Golf Waterproof Shoe: If you don’t like the boot style, these shoes from Sketchers will probably work out much better. They’re a standard lace up style with soft spikes, and available in three different colors.  Plus, about half the price of the boot style and might allow more foot movement!

You can’t go wrong with any as they will keep your feet warm all round. Also, don’t forget winter socks as well! Here’s our favorite socks (worth the price, trust me) from Under Armour

For more on golf shoes, go here. And make sure to grab some good warm golf socks too.

Cold Weather Gear for Golf

Cold Weather Gear For Golf (Non-Golf Apparel)

Besides having the right jacket, pants, vest, and layers, don’t forget about other ways to keep warm in the cold. Here are some of our favorite items to keep your body warm from the first tee to the 18th green. 

Cold Weather Golf Gloves 

If you’ve ever played in the rain, you know how important it is to keep your hands dry with rain gloves. Since your hands are the only thing connecting you to the club, it’s vital that your hands stay warm and dry.

With cold golf though, you also need to upgrade your golf gloves so your hands can stay warm as the regular ones just won’t cut it. It’s also not a bad idea to double check your grips aren’t worn down either so you have maximum gripping abilities.

FootJoy Men's WinterSof Pair Golf Glove Black Large, Pair

My favorite choice for winter golf gloves is the FootJoy WinterSof collection. This set provides two black gloves that are water resistant and have a longer, extended cuff to keep you warm. This is a small investment that will pay off big time!

To go even further in keeping your hands warm, I also suggest wearing mittens in between shots. Here are two on sale options:

  • Under Armour Golf Cart Mitts: These oversized mittens will help keep you warm between shots or holes using their patented ColdGear infrared technology. These winter gloves easily slip on over your normal glove or FootJoy WinterSof pair.
  • Finger Ten Winter Golf glove Mittens: If you’re looking for a lower priced pair of mittens, these are also a good choice. They’ll help keep you warm and dry on a budget. Plus, they also have a small zippered pocket built to keep anything valuable. Or, you can keep hand warmers there.

For more on golf gloves, check out our full review of the top golf gloves on the market.

Finally, don’t forget about buying a pack of hand warmers as well! And if you’re playing in the rain, FootJoy make some great rain gloves too.

Golf Cart Heater 

Speaking of heat, why not buy a heater for your cart too?

Mr. Heater MH4GC 4000 BTU Propane Portable Golf Cart Cup Holder Heater (2 Pack)

These small, propane heaters from Mr. Heater is a great way to bring the heat and stay warm in your cart. With push button ignition, these heaters pump out 4,000 BTUs and have a wind resistant pilot system. 

The best part?

They fit comfortably in your cart cup holders. Once connected to a one pound propane tank container (sold separately), they’ll run 5.5 hours! 

Click here to pick up a golf cart heater. 

Winter Hats

While a normal glove won’t cut it when its chilly, neither will a traditional baseball style hat. It’s always a great idea to ditch your normal hat so you can keep your ears warm too. 

Titleist Men's Standard Beanie, Charcoal/Black, One Size Fits All
  • Titleist Standard Beanie: This one size fits all beanie is a simple, good-looking beanie that is made for warmth. Plus, it’s reversible and machine washable.
  • Titleist Standard Pom Winter Hat: If you prefer a thicker, slightly larger beanie, I think you’ll love this one from Titliest. It is a more classic style that is worn by the pros and made with micro fleece for extra comfort and warmth. Plus, you can even wear this on top of a normal hat as well. Available in black and gray to match anything! 
  • Callaway Vintage Beanie: If you want to make a fashion statement on the course, you’ll love this throwback style beanie from Callaway. The traditional style looks awesome and is available in two colors to keep you warm.  

Cart Curtains  

When it’s a low temperature outside, there is nothing worse than a chilly breeze to accompany the already tough conditions. To offset that chill running down your spine, I suggest investing in a set of cart curtains that will help your cart stay warm during the round. This small investment is some of the best golf gear for cold weather!

10L0L 2 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosures for EZGO TXT with Security Side Mirror Openings, Waterproof Portable Transparent Golf Cart Cover Storage Driving Enclosure - 4-Sided (Roof up to 58' L)

By strapping these things on the side of your cart, you’re essentially insulating it so you never feel the cold breeze. Paired with a cart heater that is blasting warm air, I promise you’ll have a lot more fun. Check out this enclosure that fits most carts and is easy to take on or off. 

FAQs About Cold Weather Golf 

Do you have more questions about playing golf in the elements? If so, we have a few more suggestions to help you out. 

What do you wear to golf in cold weather?

I would say that the most important thing to wear in winter is to layer up. You need to have a base layer and continue to layer up so you can easily shed one or two if and when it warms up. Instead of wearing a bulky pullover (which none of these on the list are), you want to have multiple layers. This will not only help you stay warm throughout the round but also allow you to swing freely. 

As you probably know, there’s nothing worse than trying to swing a driver when you feel constricted. Instead, you want your clothing to help your game, not make it even more challenging. 

Can you golf in 40 degree weather? 

Yes, you absolutely can golf in 40-degree weather. Is it going to be as fun as golfing when it’s 70 or 80 degrees?

Probably not, but if you’re like most golfers reading this article, a little chill probably is worth the price of heading to the course. Plus, as you keep swinging, it’s easy to stay warm and loose throughout the round. 

Is cold weather bad for golf clubs? 

The cold weather isn’t ideal for your clubs but if you’re playing occasionally, you should be fine. Playing a round isn’t that big of a deal, the most important is storage.

The biggest thing to consider is where your clubs are when you aren’t playing. If you store them in a garage or storage unit that gets icy cold, I’d suggest finding a new home for them asap.

If clubs are exposed to extreme weather conditions on a regular basis, it could damage the head or shaft. Graphite shafts can become brittle and condensation can also become a factor as well. 

The cold could also dry out your grips or cause them to harden as well. Not to mention, it’s not good for golf balls either as it makes them harder over time. 

To not damage any of your equipment, try to keep them in a temperature controlled environment if possible.

Does a golf ball travel less in cold weather? 

Yes, a ball will not travel nearly as far in the cold weather than a hot, dry day. Think about when the PGA Tour tees it up in different temperatures. In the heat, those guys are hitting 6-iron 215-230 while in the cold, it might only go 180-215 at most. 

This happens for a few reasons. First, the air is thicker and denser than when it’s warm and dry. This creates additional drag and friction when your ball is airborne, resulting in it not traveling nearly as far.

Second, the energy from the club to the ball isn’t as efficient. Since ball speed is usually much lower in the cold, the ball simply won’t travel as far as it would on a normal day.

When you’re playing in chilly weather, you want to club up one or two clubs to counteract the cold air. Trying to rely on your “sunny weather” distances when it’s cold is a good way to end up short and struggle to score well. Instead, embrace the challenge, wear the right clothes, and remember everyone is playing in the same conditions that day. 

Winter rules (like lift, clean, and place) never hurt either!

How cold is too cold for golf?  

There’s no hard and fast rule here but I’ll say anything under 40 degrees makes the sport even harder. Since the ball won’t travel as far, it makes every long feel a lot longer than normal. If you’re hitting bad that day, it makes matters even worse. 

Plus, as temperatures drop, if you hit any thin shots you’re bound to feel that “stinging” feeling as it vibrates up the shaft on mishits. If you do choose to play in the extreme cold, come equipped with a cart heater, warm gloves, plenty of jackets, and maybe tee it forward.

There’s no shame in playing a tee up when it’s colder outside and the ball is going very far! 

For more cold weather golf tips, make sure to go to our Full Guide on Winter Golf Tips.

Summary of Winter Golf Gear

Hopefully you now have all the items you need to tee it up even when the temperatures drop in the winter. The key to winter golfing is to show up prepared so you don’t struggle to stay warm instead of focusing on scoring well. Always have a rain jacket, pullover, and other cold weather golf accessories when you arrive.

A good rule of thumb; it’s always better to have more stuff than not enough! I’d much rather have too much clothing than not enough and have it ruin your day on the links. 

Besides packing the right winter weather golf gear, make sure you adjust your game for the temperatures as well. Here are three ways to play better:

  • Get there early so you can warm up. You probably want to hit a few more balls than normal on the driving range as your back won’t be as loose.
  • Club up. Lower temps knock the ball down and reduces carry by 1-2 clubs. Make sure you adjust your distances and take an extra club.
  • Shallow out your swing. Sometimes the ground seems to turn into frozen tundra. If this is the case, try to shallow out your swing so you don’t take as much of a divot when you hit the ground. By sweeping instead of digging you should make better contact. A simple way to do this is hit more three-quarter shots and choke up a little on the grip.

Hopefully, all of these suggestions were helpful and you can start playing great even when if mother nature isn’t playing nice that day. Shop now so you’re ready for any storm that comes your way!

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