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Hanger Training Aid Review

The Hanger Golf Aid Review: Feel Proper Wrist Movement

Do you struggle with casting or flipping the club at impact? 

If so, we have a solution for you to hit the golf ball better than ever. But first… why does casting or flipping hurt your golf swing?

Because if your hands are not ahead of the ball before impact (aka, the moment of truth) you won’t make consistent contact. One of the few things that professional golfers and great ball strikers have in common is that their hands are ahead of the ball, thanks to forward shaft lean.

Meanwhile, amateurs tend to cast the club at the top or have an early release. This kills distance and makes it much harder to hit the ball, then the turf.

You might even know you struggle with this issue but it’s hard to fix without some help. Luckily, the Hanger Golf training aid is a great golf swing trainer that can help you instantly feel a better impact position. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Hanger training aid to see how one small device can work wonders for your game. 

Hanger Golf Training Aid

So, what is the Hanger training aid from Watson Golf anyway? 

According to the company, “theHANGER is a cutting edge patented design that provides you with both visual and tactile instant feedback.  Whether you practice alone or with an instructor, this swing aid will accelerate the process of building the correct muscle memory for optimal face and path control.”

The lightweight swing aid gives you immediate feedback on your wrist, hand, and clubface at impact position. This training aid isn’t like other wrist trainers you might have used in the past and a great upgrade.

Here’s how it’s so different from the competition. 

The design of this product is truly unique and something that I’ve never seen before. It clips on to the bottom and top of your grip with the device going through your arms. 

What makes it unlike anything else is that there is a small club face reference head attached to the end of the device to match your club face. It’s obviously not the same size or look of your exact iron set but it’s meant to teach you how the face adjusts in the golf swing. 

Additionally, this golf training aid works well because it provides feedback if you flip the club unlike a normal wrist trainer.

Hanger Golf Training Aid Review

How it Works 

Start by attaching this device to your iron or wedge following the instructions provided. At address position, this golf swing trainer should not touch either arm to ensure it’s in a neutral position. Once attached, it guides your lead wrist to get you in the perfect impact position. 

As the club gets parallel to the ground on your backswing, the face of the training aid should match your club face and spine angle. At the top of your backswing, the device will touch your lead arm to flatten your wrist. Then it will increase pressure to your lead arm to keep lead wrist flexion.

This will make it easier to get more shallow on the downswing and swing from the inside. It makes it easy to feel lag as you get into impact position. At impact, it will continue to press into your lead arm for a bowed lead wrist.

By keeping your lead wrist bowed, it will allow you to have forward shaft lean at impact. This is a power move by some of the best players in the game that ensures you hit the ball, then the turf. 

Benefits of Hanger Golf 

What’s great about this device is that it can work for multiple parts of your golf swing. Let’s break down the main ones to see how it can improve your swing.

Better Impact Position

Impact is everything in golf. The “strike zone” determines your ball flight and distance… It’s arguably the most important part of the golf swing. 

If you find yourself “flipping” at the ball and not compressing iron shots, it’s because of your impact position. Too many golfers struggle because they flip their wrists and don’t have forward shaft lean at impact. This leads to inconsistent contact and a massive loss of distance. 

Luckily, this swing training aid makes it easy to feel your hands ahead of the ball and get into a PGA Tour like position.

theHANGER Golf Training Aid for Right Handed Golfers, Golf Swing Aid Helps with Clubface Awareness, Swing Plane, and Proper Impact

Consistent Swing Plane 

Another major swing issue for the everyday golfer is a swing plane that is over the top; which is caused by out to in golf swing. This leads to a lot of pulled golf shots and weak slices with longer clubs.

But the Hanger helps you build a more consistent takeaway and downswing so you swing from the inside. It’ll make it easy to create lag and compress the ball with a bowed lead wrist. 

Click here to learn more about creating lag in the golf swing.

Clubface Control 

Finally, this device helps you understand the clubface during your swing. Thanks to the unique design, it makes it very easy to see and feel a square clubface throughout your golf swing. 

Since the extra clubhead should match your golf club face, it makes it easy to identify if it’s open or closed. This will help you fix those hooks and slices much easier than before. 

Here’s what makes this such a useful training aid. 

Instant Feedback 

One of the reasons we love this training aid is that it gives you instant feedback on your golf swing. There’s nothing worse than investing in a training aid but not being able to test to see if it’s working. But with this device, you can strap it to your golf club, start hitting balls, and get real-time feedback.

For so many of us, this makes the biggest difference in getting results on the range that translate to the golf course. If you’re someone that needs to see something to believe it, this training aid will show you the effect on the ball first hand. 

Hanger Golf Training Aid Review

Compact and Easy to Use 

With this device, you don’t have to worry about downloading any apps or the hassle of technology. Simply attach it to your grip and let it help you groove a more consistent and repeatable swing.

It’s also quite small compared to other training aids which makes it easy to store in your golf bag or trunk. This will make you much more likely to use it regularly and reap the benefits. 

Plus, it has a lifetime guarantee with its durable high-performance design. It’s built in the USA and made with Zytel relisn for long-term use. 

Great for All Types of Players

Another reason we like this golf aid is that it’s great for all types of golfers. Whether you’re a 90s shooter or a single digit handicap, this device can help and make practice sessions more effective. 

The device works for men, women, seniors, and junior golfers too. Not to mention, they have a model for both left hand and right handed golfers. 


The final benefit to this training aid is that you can use it while hitting golf balls on the range or course. I think this will help you feel the necessary changes to hit better and more consistent golf shots than a device that you can’t hit balls with. 

If you don’t get to the driving range as often as you’d like, you can still use this device at home too. Even using it for practice swings will help you feel the correct hand and wrist position in your swing. The more often you can use it, the quicker you can start to feel the changes in your swing. 

While the Hanger Golf device is a great product, there is no shortage of training aids in the golf world. Here are some similar devices that can help your game too. 

Swingyde Training Aid 

The Swingyde is the original wrist trainer that has been around for quite some time. This wrist trainer attaches to your shaft and gets your wrist in the correct position throughout the swing. 

The Swingyde encourages proper wrist cocking during the swing so you swing up, not around your body. This should help create better clubface alignment, a more shallow swing plane, and ultimately better impact position.

While I think this is a great product that’s been around a while, the Hanger is a needed upgrade. The Swingyde doesn’t help identify your left arm and wrist on the follow through like the Hanger trainer.

We’ve got a full review of the Swingyde here.

Impact Snap

Another similar product is the Impact snap which was ranked as Golf Digest’s best training aids in 2019. It can help you achieve a better impact position and create muscle memory for better swing mechanics. 

While there is a lot in common with the Hanger, the downside is that you can’t hit golf balls with this product. Instead, it’s a stand alone wrist trainer to work on your swing away from the course. 

Click here to purchase the Impact Snap.

FAQs About Hanger Golf for Consistent Practice

Do you have more questions about the Hanger Golf aid? If so, keep scrolling through the frequently asked questions and answers to see if it’s the right fit for your golf game. 

Does the hanger golf aid work?

Yes, this training aid has been around for quite some time and is one of the top-rated golf aids on the market. It can improve your swing path, swing tempo, and easy to see why some think it is the best training aid available.

What does the hanger golf aid do?

The Hanger golf aid helps you groove a more consistent swing by ensuring your hands and wrist are in the right positions. Better wrist action makes it easy to get the forward shaft and compress the ball for a powerful impact position. 

Additionally, the device also helps with clubface control, a shallower golf swing, and better rhythm too. Plus, you can hit golf balls with it to see how it works in real time and get feedback too. 

theHANGER Golf Training Aid for Right Handed Golfers, Golf Swing Aid Helps with Clubface Awareness, Swing Plane, and Proper Impact

How do you use the hanger training aid in golf?

Attach it to your golf clubs and start swinging. Unlike other golf aids, this one is simple and easy to use. You can use it on the driving range hitting golf balls or at home with practice swings. And even use it while playing golf (not in a tournament) too.

Can you use the hanger on your driver?

While the website recommends using it with irons and wedges, this YouTube video shows a golfer using it with a driver. As shown in the video, make sure to get comfortable with the device using irons before moving to the longest club in the bag. 

If you do attach it to your driver make sure to start slow. Hit ¾ shots at 50-60% speed and work your way up to full swings. 

How do you set the Watson hanger?

While there are no apps or any other technology needed, the setup is a little different from most wrist trainers. This device attaches to both ends of your grip and is recommended to use with a 7-9 iron.

Here’s how…

  • Start by connecting the clubhead with the green impact bar. 
  • Then, set the club of the Hanger device so it’s parallel to the ground. 
  • Secure the device by tightening the screws so it won’t move during your swing. 

It’s important to note these golf training aids will not move once it’s installed. Once it’s installed, start hitting less than full swing shots at 50-60% speed. Like any training aids, you want to work your way up to swinging fully and first understand how it works. It will also likely feel a little uncomfortable at first since it rests between your arms. 

As you get more confident, start to swing faster and longer with the device. Use it for 5-10 swings, then hit shots without it and alternate between them. 

Does it work with large grips?

Yes, this device attaches to most grip sizes. The website has it listed for regular, midsize, and midsize plus grips.

Unfortunately, if you have a jumbo grip (which is a very small percentage of golfers) it won’t connect as the grip is too thick. 

Can this help my short game?

Yes, you can use this swing aid for pitch shots around the green.

theHANGER Golf Training Aid for Right Handed Golfers, Golf Swing Aid Helps with Clubface Awareness, Swing Plane, and Proper Impact

Final Thoughts on Hanger Golf 

The Hanger Golf swing trainer from Watson Golf is more than just a basic wrist trainer. Whether you’re an avid golfer, beginner player, or a professional golfer, this is an excellent training aid that can help you get closer to the perfect swing.

It’s a simple but effective device that teaches you how to master impact position and groove a more consistent golf swing. No apps, bands, or other accessories are needed either. Just attach it to your golf club and start hitting shots. 

The club face reference head will help you identify swing flaws and understand the club head in the golf swing. Other benefits to this device include:

  • Learning to create an in to out swing
  • Promotes a flat lead wrist at the top of the backswing
  • Understand club face control to hit straighter golf shots 
  • Get into a better impact position with forward shaft lean 

Not to mention, it’s easy to set up with any iron or wedge so you can start building a more efficient and repeatable swing. Overall, this lightweight, compact device can help you create an optimal swing at home or the golf course. It’s a small investment that can pay off big time during your next range session. 

Click here to purchase the Hanger training aid now.