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iRange Sports Sticks Review

iRange Sports Stick Review: Better than a Tripod

Do you want to record your swing, but don’t always have a buddy to practice with and record your game? Or, don’t want to carry a tripod in your golf bag?

If so, I have the perfect solution for you – the iRangeSports Stick. 

It’s one of the most popular devices on the market and is taking over the golf world. 

Learn why in this iRangeSports Stick review and discover how it can help you take your game to the next level by improving your practice routines. Plus, you can take it with you on the course to document your rounds and learn more about on course performance (with ease). 

iRangeSports Stick Review 

First off, what is the iRangeSports Stick? 

Here’s a quick description from their website. “The @iRangeSports Stick is the most versatile way to record your golf swing at any given location. Simply line it up and start recording. At the weight and size of less than your sand wedge, it fits seamlessly in any size golf bag.” 

Today I’ll break down why it’s important to record your swing and how this device is more practical than a tripod. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Recording your swing is one of the best ways to learn more about your golf game. 
  • You can send videos of your swing to a coach or a self-analyze using various golf apps to improve your swing. 
  • But tripods aren’t the most convenient, as they take up space in your golf bag and aren’t great in the wind.
  • The iRangeSports Stick is a great alternative to a tripod and makes it easy to record your swing anywhere (regardless of weather).

Keep reading to learn more about iRangeSports Stick and see why it’s better than a tripod. 

iRange Sports Sticks Review

Why You Should Record Your Golf Swing

Before getting into comparing a tripod vs. the iRangeSports Stick, I want to first share why it’s so important to record your golf swing.

First, recording your golf swing can help you learn more about your swing, short game, and putting. Feel isn’t real in this crazy game – sometimes what you feel is very different from what’s actually happening in your golf swing. Recording your swing and other shots on a semi-regular basis can help you learn if your swing changes are working or not. 

Second, recording your swing is a good way to learn more about your unique swing. One thing I’ve learned from playing 25+ years is that you need to swing your swing. When you know your game and tendencies, it makes it much easier to self correct during the round.

Third, when you have videos of your swing (on good and bad days), you can get out of a slump. No matter how good you get, we all go through some tough times and the Golf Gods test us. 

But if you have swing videos when you’re hitting it well, you can look back and compare to current videos. Plus, it’s a good confidence boost if you want to sync all your videos into a mini highlight reel (which can help your mental game a ton). 

Not to mention a ton of other benefits that can help you hit your golf goals faster.  

iRangeSports Stick Overview 

To record your swing, most people either:

  • Have a friend hold your phone.
  • Use a conventional collapsible tripod that fits in your bag. 

These strategies are better than nothing, but you might not always have a friend to hold your phone, especially if you’re playing golf solo. Additionally, a tripod takes up room in your golf bag and doesn’t do well on uneven lies or windy conditions.

iRange Sports Sticks Review

Enter the iRangeSports Stick.

This device is like a tripod on steroids, and there is a reason it’s become so popular in the golf world. Instead of having three legs, it is a single stake built into an aluminum rod with a magnetic phone mount. The stake goes into the ground, your phone mounts on the magnet, and you can start recording on the range or golf course with ease.

Even if it’s windy conditions or you’re hitting from an uneven lie. Plus, it easily stores in your bag like an alignment stick, not a pocket, which frees up space for other gadgets like a launch monitor or other training aids

Different Variations 

The main version – the IRangeSports Stick Lite – comes with the telescopic monopod, removable stake, and magnetic point. You can also get the EXT model, which allows it to sit higher (46 vs. 28 inches) off the ground. 

There are other variations too – here is a quick overview of each one to see which one is right for you. 

iRangeSports Range Pro Combo

The Range Pro Combo has a little bit of everything. 

This combo set includes the EXT, which extends to 46 inches off the ground. It also has a steel collapsible indoor stand, 2 thin metal plates with 3M adhesive backing, and a MagSafe compatible puck. 

iRangeSports Academy Pro Combo

If you’re a teacher who uses a tablet during your lessons, there is a model for you too. 

The Academy Pro Combo contains the EXT model, which extends up to 46 inches off the ground for more camera angles. It also comes with a heavy duty indoor stand if you’re teaching indoors at a golf simulator.  

iRangeSports Mini

This is their newest product in the lineup that offers the most versatility and a favorite among golf content creators. It’s only three inches long but still has a swivel magnetic head. 

As mentioned on their website, “The MiNi can be secured by two different attachments. First is the C-clamp, which allows you to attach the MiNi almost anywhere and start capturing your favorite activity. Popular options are, the top of the golf bag, the push/pull cart, and in some instances even the golf cart.”

Like the other models, no setup is required, can be clamped to anything (such as a cart or bag), very durable, and easy to store. 


Additionally, they offer a ton of accessories to complete your practice setup, including:

  • GoPro Mount
  • Tablet/iPad disc.
  • Replacement pins. 
  • Indoor base or Indoor XL base. 
iRange Sports Sticks Review


Do you have more questions about iRangeSports Stick? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

Does iRangeSports Stick work indoors? 

Yes, you can buy an indoor stand to use when hitting on mats under a covered area or a golf simulator.  

Do you need to remove your phone case? 

If you’re like most people, you have a case on your phone to protect your investment, as phones aren’t cheap these days. Luckily, you don’t need to remove your protective case to work with the iRangeSports stick thanks to the “Puck” – a heavy duty magnetic mount. 

My Experience

Since getting back into competitive events in 2016 I’ve taken my game very seriously and became a plus handicap in the process. One of the ways I’ve improved so drastically is by learning more about my swing through regular videos. While I’ve had some lessons too, a lot of my improvement has come from learning about my swing through a ton of videos. 

I like to record my full swing in practice and if I can practice on the golf course. Unfortunately, a tripod isn’t very convenient, especially when trying to play and record your swing. The iRange device makes it much easier to get more content and always the right angle.

My biggest piece of advice is not only to record your full swing but short game shots too. Use it for putting, chipping, and bunker shots so you can better understand all areas of your game. It’s easy to keep in your bag at all times and is built to last. 

Final Thoughts 

Ditch the tripod and pick up an iRangeSports Stick to take your practice sessions to the next level. To recap, some of the benefits include:

  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy design. 
  • No setup required. 
  • Works with any type of phone. 
  • Doesn’t take up pocket space.
  • Lightweight and won’t weigh your bag down. 
  • Works indoors if you buy the collapsible indoor stand. 
  • Don’t have to take your phone case off if you have the MagSafe compatible puck.

Plus, they ship all over the world. Use this device to improve your practice sessions, analyze your swing/short game, and hopefully hit your golf goals this year.

Click here to learn more about iRangeSports now.

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