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SkyTrak Plus Review

SkyTrak+ Review: A Wonderful Simulated Golf Experience

If you want to practice at home and learn more about your swing, you’ll love this SkyTrak+ review. The newest product from SkyTrak is a great all around launch monitor that packs a punch in a very compact design.

We loved the previous SkyTrak but the new + version is an absolute must-have for avid golfers. It’s very well priced and provides more data about your game without getting you overwhelmed. Plus, it’s very easy to use.

Let’s get into why this made our list of best golf simulators now

SkyTrak + Review 

As they said on their website, “The new SkyTrak+ brings major advancements in its core technology by adding a dual doppler radar system and proprietary machine learning software – to offer unmatched accuracy in its class. The radar addition brings club data to the forefront of the experience – giving SkyTrak users a vital data point for game improvement.”

Some of the highlights of this device include:

  • No special balls or stickers required.
  • New 5Ghz Wi-Fi for faster and better connections. 
  • 40% larger hitting area to give you more flexibility to capture all types of shots.  

And a lot more features than the original SkyTrak golf launch monitor. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The new SkyTrak+ is a big upgrade from the previous SkyTrak launch monitor.
  • This device works both indoor and outdoors and provides more than 20 data points to learn more about club and ball data.
  • Additionally, this device pairs well with different simulator software to make it a great engine to run your at home simulator. 

Keep reading to learn more about this awesome launch monitor that you can convert easily into an at home simulator.

You can purchase the SkyTrak+ here or here.

Updated Radar

The new dual Doppler radar makes it easier than ever to analyze and understand your game like never before. The radar includes so many facets of your swing including: club head speed, smash factor, club path, face, angle and more. 

Plus, the new machine learning makes this device more precise and accurate too. For a fraction of the price it can keep up with some of the best launch monitors in the game. 

SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor Review

Improve Camera

As you know, the smallest things make the biggest difference in golf. The new and improved photometric camera makes this device more accurate than ever.

As they said, “The improved camera system gives golfers highly accurate and reliable ball tracking data that can power a player’s practice and improvement. The camera system also provides for improved outdoor performance on mats. You can now work on your game at the range.”

This is a big improvement from the original. Plus, the new cameras work great indoors too. 

More Golf Courses

What’s great about simulators is that you can play all types of courses, regardless of your location. SkyTrak has arguably the biggest selection of courses with more than 70,000 members who can play more than 100,000 golf courses. 

Some of the most epic courses include:

  • St. Andrews
  • Torrey Pines 
  • Pebble Beach 
  • Bandon Dunes

Among countless others. They offer a variety of packages with different partners to find a great simulator option for you. Some of them include E6 Connect, WGT by TopGolf, The Golf Club 2019, and more. 

SkyTrak Plus View from Behind

SkyTrak Software Plans

To unlock the full potential of this high-powered launch monitor you’ll likely want to upgrade your subscription. This device comes with a basic software that provides a fully functional practice range but that’s about it. However, no subscription is required and works with Apple and Android devices.

But to maximize the power of this device we suggest upgrading to one of the two options: 

Game Improvement – $99/year

The game improvement subscription has tons of features and challenges to take your game to the next level. Not only does it have the basic practice range it also has an advanced practice range which is a required feature if you’re pairing it with other simulation software. 

iOS’s users can also access WGT by TopGolf Closest to the Hole Challenge, bag mapping, practice randomizer, and more. If you’re already investing in this device this is a no-brainer $100 per year. 

Play and Improve – $199/year 

This is the more expensive option but well worth it in our opinion. It is a special bundle for iOS users (sorry Android fans) that has everything in the game improvement plan. 

Plus, it has WGT by TopGolf (15 courses) and closes to the hole challenges on six other courses. Currently, this only supports single player mode. 

SkyTrak Plus Protective Case

Protective Case (Must Have)

Don’t be cheap. For your own peace of mind, I encourage you to purchase the protective case that is offered as an add-on. This obviously protects the SkyTrak+ from those errant shots like a shank. Plus, the case allows you to raise the unit so that if you have to put it beside a mat it can be at the same level as the mat and you will get accurate readings.

I have the protective case, but I could see a situation where not having the case would make you a little subconsciously scared to have an inside out swing path. This could lead to a lot of pulled shots or even pull hooks when using the simulator. Spend the extra money, you don’t want this!

Better Practice Options

As I’m sure you know, having the right type of practice routines can make a big difference in your performance on the course. But practicing with a launch monitor or simulator isn’t always easy or convenient depending on the software. 

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about this thanks to the in-depth practice plans. 

The game improvement package has tons of options like practicing on the range, skills assessment, mapping your bag, and more. Plus, they have a wedge matrix which is one of the coolest features that allows you to identify and practice distance gaps between wedges. By learning how to hit different wedge shots you’ll see a big improvement in your scores. 

Aside from better practice drills, the new improved shot optimizer interface is great too. It makes it easy to understand your club and ball data compared to optimal launch conditions. The red, yellow, and green scoring zone makes it easy to see how you stack up with great players. 

Plus, they go above and beyond to include a library of resources and tutorials from Nick Clearwater. He was ranked #22 teachers in the world from Golf Digest and will help you upgrade your game so it translates to better scores on the course. 

Compact Design 

Finally, let’s not forget about the awesome design of this simulator. It is small enough that it could fit into a golf bag’s apparel pocket for easy transportation to the course or another indoor setup. I like the all white design and think it’s one of the best looking launch monitors available. 

FAQs About SkyTrak

Do you have more questions about SkyTrak launch monitors and simulators? If so, keep reading to learn more now.  

Is SkyTrak better than FlightScope?

They’re quite comparable in terms of features and what golfers can learn about their game. While they have cheaper offerings – like the Flightscope Mevo – this isn’t comparable to this SkyTrak device. The Flightscope Mevo+ is the model that directly competes with the SkyTrak+.  We have a full article comparing these two coming out shortly.

Can you use SkyTrak without a subscription?

Yes, the SkyTrak comes with a basic software with their launch monitor and contains a full driving range. 

No subscription is required but you can upgrade to the annual Play and Improve ($199) or the Game Improvement Plan ($99). While the basic package is decent, I’d suggest upgrading to get the most out of your device for a nominal fee. 

Is SkyTrak accurate for putting?

It’s okay with putting but that’s a common theme with a lot of launch monitors. A majority of these devices are more functional with full swing data than flat stick performance. Unless you have a higher end device like Trackman it’s tough to accurately measure your putting stats outside a custom fitting. 

SkyTrak Plus in Protective Case

Can you play real courses on SkyTrak?

Yes, when you buy a simulator package you can access more than 100,000 courses across different platforms. Before investing in one make sure to confirm their golf course list to find the ones you want to play the most. 

What simulator does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods promotes Full Swing Golf alongside other professionals like 2023 Masters Champion Jon Rahm. Not to mention other pros like Patrick Cantlay, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, and others. Plus, don’t forget that Tiger also has one of the most iconic backyards ever with several greens with different types of grass for endless short game practice. 

What is the best way to practice on SkyTrak?

SkyTrak makes it easier than ever to practice thanks to its new features. Aside from the full driving range, you can also do skills assessments and the randomizer as well. This should help you practice with purpose and make strides in lowering your handicap. 

My Experience 

What’s great about this launch monitor is that it’s detailed but still very affordable. 

You won’t break the bank but it’ll provide you with more about your game than you could imagine. Not to mention they offer up a “trade up” program to exchange old launch monitors, clubs, accessories to make it more affordable. 

Plus, hitting is easy as you don’t need special golf balls or stickers. Simply set up the device and start hitting balls, indoors or outdoors.

This SkyTrak device works with all your favorite simulator software which gives you access to more than 100,000 golf courses. Needless to say, we’re big fans of this device and have nothing but good experiences thus far. 

SkyTrak Plus Review

Final Thoughts 

What’s not to love about this SkyTrak+ launch monitor? 

It’s compact, updated with all the best features, pairs with tons of simulator software and makes it easier than ever to learn about your game. Plus, the library of resources and tutorials from Golf Digest will help you learn how to make swing changes much more efficiently. 

I think one of the best things about this device is the upgrading practice too. There’s nothing worse than feeling lost in golf practice but Skytrak simplifies this process. Using the skills’ assessment, driving range, and random practice you’ll work on all parts of your game more efficiently. 

You can purchase or learn more about the SkyTrak+ here or here.

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