Review of Ping G400 Irons

Anyone remember the Ping Zing 2 irons?  How about the Ping Eye 2 irons? If you are old enough to remember, you know that Ping created some truly revolutionary golf irons back in the day.  Ping has a long and proud history when it comes to making innovative golf clubs for players of all skill …

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Mizuno ST 180 Driver Review

When golfers think of buying a new driver, Mizuno might not be the first name that comes to mind.   But the manufacturer’s most recent addition might make amateurs change their mind. The company, known primarily for its beautiful blade irons, has unleashed the ST 180 Driver on the golfing world and early reviews are …

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Titleist 718 Irons Review

So you like options? Well, Titleist has given golfers a plethora of irons from which to choose. Altogether the manufacturing titan has unleashed six, yes, a half-dozen, different sets of irons on the golfing public. They’ve updated previous, familiar models, unveiled a brand new line and upgraded irons that were already considered among the best …

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Xe1 Wedge Review

If you’re guilty of stalking the Golf Channel and internet (like most of us) in search of the perfect miracle club, ball, gadget, or pro tip to up your game, you’re probably familiar with the XE1 Wedge. You know…the one you’ve seen popping up online and in TV commercials that promises to improve your game …

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Mizuno MP18 Irons Review

Mizuno irons have been the gold standard in the business for decades, catering to better golfers who want a true forged iron that has familiar playability and aesthetics. When you arrive at the first tee and your playing opponent has a set of Mizuno irons in the bag it’s typically wise to be conservative with …

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Why Greens in Regulation Matter

If you have spent anytime around a golf course, I’m sure someone has told you to practice your short game if you want to lower you scores.  This person probably had good intentions.  You might have even believed them!  But before you go and spend hours on the putting green, let me recommend an alternative. …

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